Android phones are among the top smartphones usually come with different processors i.e.  quad and dual core which makes it increase android performance and makes it a powerful device for various operations.
This quality might not be seen as time goes on due to the age of the android device and the level of components input, lack of proper care or maintenance would make it more slow.
If you are conversant with androids or you are a user, you would notice that your phone became slower in performance as time progresses.

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 There are reasons behind this and in this context we would explain to you how to increase android performance and thereby make it like a newly purchased phone.

1. Your device Task Manager
Android device usually run different task at once and its very important for the users to know the particular task that are running per time. it is advisable to close  the ones that are not germane so as  to improve the performance of your device, also this helps in prolonging the life of the battery. This is why the task managers are on all the stock ROM but we would like to recommend you to go with third party task managers so as to kill those processes which are of no use. you can install ES Task Manager or Advanced Task Manager or any other applications which is reputable and are available for free download at official Google Play Store.

2. Uninstall Unused Apps
Android powered smart phones usually make use of free android apps i.e Androids applications such as android performance monitor, android performance widget, android system monitor apk, android performance download, android system monitor  and gps performance monitor timer android are available for free and paid download at Google Play Store. apps android are usually of software, widgets, tool or game and there is no limit on the number of application that you can install on your mobile device. It is advisable that you leave the apps that you usually use and uninstall the one you don't use for efficient performance of your device.
Check smartphone review. Just go through Menu > Settings > Applications and from the list of applications tap on which ever you want to uninstall. third party applications can also be made use of to uninstall multiple apps.

3. Clear the Cache
 There are some applications that always shows force closure error or seem hard to uninstall, then all you need to do is to clear the cache.
Clearing of cache is an effective way by which you can resolve most of your applications issues. if you want to clear the cache just open Settings menu and then click on Applications.
Now you need to tap on Clear Cache to do it. Now you need to select Manage Applications and then finally tap on the apps that you have the problems.
This does not affect the data of your phone.

4. Move Apps to the external Memory Card
Android Application are always installed on the phone memory. Ensure that your phone memory is not always filled with application, always utilize the external memory in storing downloaded apps though not all the Android Application can be moved to external memory card mmc card.
To easily analyze this you need to install the App 2 SD application which allows you to move installed apps to your external memory card. but those apps which are on android sd card  can’t be moved back to the internal storage. These are ways on how to increase internal memory in android.

5. Install Antivirus to secure your phone
Android smart phone are like computing devices, it is necessary to install an anti virus protection so as to prevent your phone from malware, virus, worms  etc. A lot of antivirus now available in the market and we have also put down the best practices for mobile safety and security from malware. we recommend you to download an updated antivirus so as to ensure the safety of your phone and it also increase android gaming performance.

6. Ensure proper management of Google Services
Android smart phone are so made in such a way that it would automatically have access to various Google services such as Calendar, Contacts, Book, G mail and Google+, Picasa web album e.t.c. They are made to sync with your online account so that your phone are well updated. If any of these services are not in use on your mobile phone, its Advisable that you should turn off.
Go to Settings and then head to Account and Sync. Now unpick the services that you don’t need for each of your synced email.

7. Install authorized Apps
We have gone through 5 applications reviews on how they improved your device performance. You can check out the applications which improves the Android device performance. Authorized apps for newest android phones can be found on the Google play store such as free music apps for android
your phone can be adjusted in other to provide a better performance if you carry out all these.
Contact us if your phone have performance issues.


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