Guide To Buying A Good Computer
There is no direct answer to the question about things you should know before purchasing a new PC. In order to proffer answers to that question, you need to ask yourself some few questions before you go ahead and start buying it.
1. What is your main purpose of buying this computer?
Of what purpose are you buying this PC, is it mainly for the internet such as sending email, web surfing or maybe it is for typing purpose or perhaps using a spread sheet sometimes? is it for the purpose of playing music or photo management on your cellphone or digital camera? is it for business purpose? or gaming provided you are a serious game lover or you want you want to be editing videos with the machine?

2. Another important thing to note is the  PC performance.
It is important to know the speed of the system i.e how fast it is? are you the type that prefers a fast computer irrespective of what you are doing with it or you are the type that is comfortable with a PC that is slow in performance.
This may look glaring, but you can only get a PC that will meet your needs if you really think about these questions to determine what your needs are. A lot of people that purchase a PC without doing this type of findings are always dissatisfied afterwards because they realize that they've spent a lot of money on a PC that doesn't have a lot fancier that they needed and perhaps, the computer they have is not performing up to the tasks as they were expected.

practically, what does these mean?
Let's start with the people who use it exclusively for Internet purpose with little or no letter writing and spreadsheet created. Most baseline computers, either desktop or laptop, will serve this purpose. The higher the RAM of the computer, the faster it is, but PC model that has about 3 or 4 GB would perform very fine. I would identify the models that fit this baseline and then decide on price. Examine various models at the office supply store but purchase from the Internet. You will likely find much better deals, especially from a website with high reputation. You can find out these sites on Google.

Two more important things to note about this:
 1. Even if you are able to get 3-4 GB RAM, try to get a model that has more RAM in the event you want to upgrade later.
 2. If your main purpose of purchasing it is majorly for Internet activities, the speed of your Internet connection is much more influential on the speed of your surfing than the speed of the computer. If you have DSL or Satellite Internet, check out in your area if the internet cable is available . The use of cable is always faster. If not, ensure you didn't set your speed to the lowest connection on your service offer.

   If your PC is meant for solely business purpose and requires a lot of business application besides the internet, you'll require a  faster processor than what the base model computers have. You also needs to get a model that has more than 4 GB RAM. Depending on what the manufacturer package in the computer. You will also want to make sure you get a hard drive that has high capacity. Some models of computer come with much higher capacity of hard drive. Get the one with 1 TB drive. You might not be able to use all the whole capacity now but in few years to come you'll appreciate your PC storage space.
Consider a  PC model with a Solid State Drive If you want a PC with very high speeds instead of a traditional hard drive. Although they are expensive, they are mainly for power users. However, they do make Solid State/Hard Disk hybrids, that are not that expensive and are very fast compared to regular hard drive.

As for the game lovers, you need a very fast processor with a lot of RAM, and a high-end video card with a lots of video RAM. Most manufacturers sell computer's labeled as game machines, there's no need for you to buy one label specifically, but  mere looking at their configuration you can have the idea about the kind of hardware you may want.

   If you eventually buy a PC that you are not satisfied with and you want to be to  ship it-back, just pay close attention to the return policy and to ensure that you are not charged for restocking by the buyer for returning the product.


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