Wi-Fi Hotspot Activation On Your Android Phones

On several occasion, Android devices users might want to connect to the internet with their laptops through their mobile device i.e Android Device. Due to the fact that  they were unable to connect to wireless network in their location. You may discover at this level that all the network signal on your android device is in full bars (3G, 4G or H+ ). In a situation like this how are you going to connect your laptop having it in mind that you can only share the working internet on your phone.

I will be showing you in this post how to switch your Android Smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot  in other to allow you share the 3G internet services on you phone.When your android phone is being switched into a wi-fi hotspot, There are lots of facility to include in other to bar authorized users from connecting to your internet and prevent them from using it without your approval.
You should also thoroughly consider that the fact that whenever you are browsing and the 3G connections switched ON through the Wi-Fi hotspot. A lot of megabytes will be consumed, in view of this,  it is advisable that you make use the setup that has unlimited 3G data plan.

How Wi-Fi Hotspot can be Set Up on Your Android Phone

Navigate your phone through the Settings then click on the MORE button that is placed below the Wi-Fi option provided you are using android 4.0 and above in other for you to able to access the portable hotspot options.
   It is important for you to know that it is possible for you to place some security measures on the hotspot at you want to create. Easily your wireless security pass key can be changed the one of your choice or if you probably want other users to have access to it you can leave it as default as that will even save you from any complications  when accessing the  connection from some other devices. Another method of protecting your connection is to make use of an automated  password that the phone generate for you, you might even use the password of your choice.
The performance of the connection will be determined by the more connection you have on the device, just like on any other Wi-Fi device, because the more device its serving the more the bandwidth becomes constricted. The total number of the device that can be connected to your Wi-Fi hotspot can easily be managed with just the simple tapping on Manage users.

To activate the Wi-Fi hotspot on Android
The basic thing you need is to click then it will show.  If you are adding a device like a PC, search for Wi-Fi devices on your laptop or any other device you want to connect, if any password has been inserted while setting it up, you will then be prompted for the pass key, insert it and connect.

To Restrict other people from using your Wi-Fi hotspot device

Navigate to the menu, then click on the advance settings, here you can easily hide the router names, You can as well choose the power mode so you can save your power in the power options.
Note that the use of android smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot device drains up mobile device battery fast so, ensure your phone is connected to a power outlet.


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