Both iOS and Android OS are top operating system in this mordern technical era, to find out the one that is better between the two OS is very difficult. It is the choice of the users that will determine that, in other to comrehensive on this, facilities provided by these device are the best ground for their comparison.
The applications of Apple shows how innovative they are in this modern technical era.
These two operating system introduction has made a revolutionary transformation to occur in the world of technology.  With large number of users world wide. almost equal number of tech-savvy users are using both Apple's OS and Android nowadays.

The outward appearance of the phone is not the main criteria used in judging how efficient the phone is.With the differences there are still lots of similarities between the two OS based on
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 Positions of iOS and Android
To compare android and iPhone on this ground. There are lots of difference between android and iphone
 iPhone users who craves for a new introductory offer in the series, must look at promotional  tactics of this tech-giant. it can be said that this tech-giant invented something that users had been longing for. The latest operating system  was probably imaginary before its outcast. The functions, the speed and design of iPhone are overwhelming and coin appreciation from all the admirers of technology. However, with all these aspects, there is also a competitor, which comes with equally advanced applications that equally awestruck the users.
it has been reported that Apple makes more profit than Google; but Android is leading Apple in term of number, with up to about over a million quantities per day, based on average estimation. However, still Apple Inc. is no less proficient than its contender Google Inc.

The main reason why users prefer the applications of Google to that of the Apple is probably because their apps are paid, whereas most of Androids are free. Studies have also shown that users who has the two phones uses Android more. Still when it comes to apps, they reveal their iPhone. This is probably because of the difference in quality of applications offered by these two giants in the world of technology. It seems that though Google made its applications free, users are more inclined towards quality in this context rather than quantity. However, It is obvious that Android apps are not useless, as they serve every essential purpose and are extremely user-friendly, but based on uniqueness Apple has edge.

The Level of competition Between the Two phones

In Android and iPhone comparison, the competition between the two phones is not direct. You will observe that both android and apple are trying to hold and make a space to take over each other. When Apple reigned in smartphone technology, Google offered a stiff competition with its invention of Android. When Google reigned as a search engine, Apple is set to offer a tough competition through the invention of Siri, which has emerged as a fast location locator, with a lot of features of Google's map, but more precise and to-the-point.
However, the users of these OS are only to consider their personal choice of usages of both and one that suits his/her specific requirement.


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