I'm always worried whenever i see an android device most especially phones such as Tecno, Gionee, Infinix, Injoo e.t.c getting bricked shortly after the time of purchase. If you cherish your android device either your phone or tablet, taking these listed below precaution will be important to you so as to keep your device secured.

how to prevent and avoid bricking android

In other to protect your android device from getting bricked, the steps listed below must be duly followed. 
1) Do A Nandroid Backup

What does nandroid backup mean? Nandroid backup is the complete backup of your whole android phone or tablet that can be restored later to bring you device to that state before it was bricked. make Sure you create a backup when the phone is working perfectly i.e before the device is bricked and restore it after the device gets bricked.
How to do the Full Nandroid Backup Of Your Android Device
A custom recovery like clock workmod or TWRP will be needed to create a nandroid backup for your android device. Ensure that you copy the backup files to your computer or USB flash drive in case it it gets corrupted out on your memory card by a virus or it gets deleted by mistake.

 2) Make inquiry before Installing Apps
A lot of apps which have been confirmed to be specific for bricking android phones. For instance a particular font app has continue to brick any phone it gets installed on. Always endeavor to make inquiry or find out if someone has used the app before so as to know whether to go ahead with the application installation. This will help you in knowing what to do and it will serve as guide on the type of apps you are to instal.

3)  Activate USB Debugging Option

The benefit is just that your android tablet or phone can easily be unbricked provided you make a that makes the device to get bricked.
This is how to Activate USB debugging on different version of your Android device:

Android 2.3 and below
Go to Settings »» Applications »» Development. Click on USB Debugging box to enable the option.

Android 4.0 and 4.1
Go to Settings »» Developer Options and then turn ON the USB Debugging there.

Android 4.2 and Above
Go to Settings »» About Phone. On this page, check up for Build Number. To Activate Developer Options on your android phone or Tablet, click on Build Number several time and then follow the next instructions that shows .

4) Try and Keep To Specifications
Ensure you use all application that is recommended by the company that produce the device
Make sure you dont install or flash your device with an application that is not meant for it. Read recommendations or consult before you tweak or flash your android device.
If these above listed  regulations are strictly followed, you wont have any bricking issues with your android device.


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