Unlocking Modems To work with All Networks

The following tutorial will demonstrate how to #unlock #modem #unlockmodem #modemunlocker your Huawei modem data card works with any SIM card of all network - just like a Universal modem.
Most of the time the modem we buy these days are related or pre-programmed to work with a single network. It could either be MTN, GLO, Airtel, Etisalat or other. But that is too rigid and not give users deserve freedom. This means that if you need to make a data subscription switch, start buying a new modem again. This is not so cool.

For Instance
If your modem is delivered with network A, and you want to use other networks B, C, and D, if you try to replace the SIM card with the original network with the other Sims (B,C or D), the system will ask you a message, asking for a unlock code as it detects a network SIM CARD (ALIEN).
This unlock code is the secret of how to unlock your modem.

==>1. Determine your modem type / brand (Huawei, ZTE, etc.) (NOTE: The tutorial works for all                modems, but the necessary software use differs).
==>2. Determine the IMEI number of your modem (This is a long - about 15 digits. - All the                          numbers of code printed on or inside the lid of your modem For more information about IMEI            numbers search through google. You can now write your IMEI correctly ..
==>3. Download the unlocker i.e A software use in unlocking. This is the case. Download the                        software to unlock Huawei modem HERE.
           For other models, we may need other sources that I will provide later.
==>4. Install the software and run it. After running it requires for the IMEI we determined in step 2                earlier. now generates your special unlock code IMEI number. This is usually in 4-6 digits.                  Copy this and go back to the former.
==>5. Insert a foreign SIM card in your modem and your computer, and it requires the unlock code                generated in # 4 above. Then, provide this, and you're good!

The impact of these steps is that you have converted your modem for universal modem. And you can use both native and all other foreign networks. What a relief, what freedom.

To work correctly now with some networks may require some simple configurations now new management profile, such as creating a new profile.
On the interface of the modem, click Tools, then Profile Management, and click New. Insert the new network parameters namely APN, username and password. Then click Save. Then from the login window, ensure you choose the new profile / network and connect.
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