What is "Unknown Apps"?

Unknown app can be describe in this context as any app that you don’t know the uses, you might download it for the sake of having high Apps on your phone without using it.
You might just be tempted to download some certain Apps without knowing its uses. it is of great importance to have the idea of the apps you are about to download before doing so.


The problem most people are face is that they are too lazy to go through the manuals and instruction pages (Even Me...lol), it is sometimes good to know the dept of a river before jumping into it
I have put the below information together so as to enlighten you to stop downloading unknown app

It Consumes Your Phone Data
Whenever you want to start downloading unknown app, always check your data if you have enough subscription because when you are not patient enough to learn about the app,you might not even check the space it will take. Some might be rushing to download so as to finish their data before it expires, that's is cool enough though, i'm not against that but whenever you are about to do that just try to  know more about what you are about to download.

It Consumes Your Phone Memory
I believe this is what you know, do i need to tell you this over again, well, perhaps there are some less techy oriented among us that need to know this.Apps occupies some good part of your phone memory anytime you make a download of any app on your phone, it actually depend on how large the file. This will end up slowing down your phone and even decrease the space on your phone thereby causing your phone to bring out "insufficient memory" whenever you are about to download important files on your device. All you need to do is to uninstall all the junk apps and allow your phone to work efficiently.

You Will Expose Your Phone To Malware
some apps come with malware and that's why sometimes we are being asked when we are about to download some apps that the  app are not from trusted page and request if you wish to continue.
 Some apps can even damage your phone after installing them, steal your personal, some valuable information such as your credit card details, your mobile password etc. it is advisable for you to know the app you are downloading in other to save your phone from unforeseen risks

It Waste Your Precious Time
Of course it does because you can use the time you are using to download these apps for something that is beneficial and even more productive. At least, time waits for nobody and there is saying that "time is money" save yourself the stress of downloading what will not add value to you.

You Might End Up Bricking Your Phone
There was a time back then, I installed Xposed installer even when i'm not supposed to and my I got my phone got bricked. i install a wrong version. I know quite well, but I just gave it a try, i hate myself after doing that,i regretted my action. What  I just want to tell you is that you should  know more about app otherwise you will end up bricking your phone.


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