Block Ads On Android
Most free apps on the Google play store pops up most time when they are not needed, some even run at the back  ground i.e it will not appear on the screen thereby affecting the phone's function (causing the phone to run slowly).
stop- ads-on android-phones
I believe that you must have had some annoying ad coming up on your phone and you will be like “how do I block this ads?” developers of this ads are trying to monetize it that is why they give it out for free so i won't really recommend you to block this ads.
However, if you still want to block this ads,this post will teach you the steps to follow on how to simply do that.
The method i will be explaining below is only for rooted android smartphones.
This Ads can be blocked by using
‘hosts’ file
In this method ‘hosts’ file is used to block ads. All the ads on your device can be blocked with this method, even those that show up in various games and apps, this method can only be used for a smartphone that is rooted.
I know some of us that are less techy might not understand what a "host file' is
It is a plain-text file in an operating system to map hostnames to its IP address.
Anytime you are trying to log on to a particular website using the hostname of the site, the OS(operating system) of the site will then search for the ‘hosts’ file in other to fine the IP.
If you have successfully searched for it, then the IP address that is already mapped will be used; otherwise, To search for the host name, a query will be send to DNS (Domain Name Service) in other to find the IP address.

How to Set Up a ‘hosts’ file
==>Open the MVPS in your browser on your Personal Computer . A plain-text page will appear.
==>You can now Save the page as the name hosts in the computer.
==>Transfer the hosts file from the computer to your Android smartphone using either a USB or a            Bluetooth.
==>On your smartphone, Go to the file manager and open it, then copy the hosts file to /etc or                    /system/etc. Before you can access the file manager,a super user permission might be                  , you "Allow super user permission".
==>You can now change the name of your original hosts file (provided it has) to a .txt or .bak                     extension. Then paste the copied saved hosts file here.
==>Then Reboot the android smartphone and the Android smartphone is totally ads-free.


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