I will be sharing with you the steps that you will take in other to get OBB file installed on your android smart phone.
If you use another website to download the game apart from android play store, it gives you two files of the game (the OOB/data file and the apk file).
The OOB/data file is the one that you will copy into the memory of your phone i.e either on the phone memory or the SD card while the apk file is the one you will install directly on your android smartphone.In this post i will be showing you how and where to paste the OOB files.
You paste it on the phone memory of your android phone in some cases and in some, you can paste it on your external memory card depending on what the situation is. It is good to for us know what OOB file is all about and what it does.

What OOB Files is all About and what it does in Android Games
OOB is a Scientific term which means(Opaque Binary Blob) and it is also known as data file because it has some certain data on it. This term is commonly used by android developers for games when it has a large size and also with high graphics. They tend to split the game into two different data files, Apk file (android application package) and the OOB file respectively. Apk is commonly known as we will be discussing it in a bit and focus more on the OOB file discussion. Apk file has only licence information and installation package while the OOB or data file  has separately a full part of the game such as visual,graphics and all files. Every big game requires speed especially for android phones with about 1.5 gigabyte content in its OOB file,it is used to install full game on the android phones. If the game is downloaded from the google play store,it installs the OOB file automatically in its specific folder. So these files(both the OOB file and the Apk file) are very important in android smartphone.

Steps To Install OBB File On Android Phone
With this method you can install a large android games on your phones easily, just follow this tutorial accordingly, this will guide you to install both the OOB file together with Apk file.
You will start by downloading both the Apk and OOB file of the game you want to instal, copy out the OOB file from the zip file in which the OOB file is, make sure you copy the whole folder and not only the file, then paste it in the internal memory of your android phone where internal storage/Android/OOB  part is, if it is not present on your device you can simply create it. After you have successfully paste this OOB folder in this part,you can then install the apk file. After the installation is completed, you can now open the game and start playing. Internet connection might be required in some games for the first time in other to start running it, you will need an internet connection for this type of game.

How to install OBB file in SD Card
There are different varieties of android phone operating system, in some phones, the default application installation directory can be changed while some does not have the features that support this changes. in the phones which support this changes, you can install OOB files on this type of phones. the step is the same with the one explained above but in the path where you are going to paste the OOB file from internal to external like this (external storage /Android/OOB).At times OOB folder is not always in default on android phones, so create the the folder and paste the file in it.
I hope this article has helped you?Feel free to make use of the comment box if you have any question to ask on this...


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