Fix not a valid win32 application windows 7 64 bit Error
In this post, i have compiled the solution to the most common problem a lot of people normally face on their windows PC (total system care pc fixer), most especially the one that usually show Not A Valid Win32 Application” Error.
Before we proceed,i will like to share the cause of this error for you to know so as to prevent recurrence and as well pass the information across to people in other for them not to face the same issue.
setup exe is not a valid win32 application windows xp

The Causes Of Win32 Errors And How To Fix Them 
==>If you are using different version of window to run a particular program and it is not the recommended program, windows compatibility with program is very crucial i.e if you are running a program design for a new version of window on an old version, This program will definitely fail to run and Not A Valid Win32 Application” Error may appear on the screen.

==>If the Win32 occur as a result of Missing files: You might have unknowingly deleted your file after it is installed, win 32 error can also come up as a result of this. To fix this, you can delete this file from your computer and download the set up file afresh from a different source and instal it

==>If window 32 is Incompatibility with it: Right-click the Program and select Properties »»
Click Compatibility tab »»Compatibility mode and select the Run this program in compatibility mode and then click on the desired operating system »» then click OK.
32-bit and 64-bit version: Windows comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions (win32 application free download). The 32-bit version cannot run 64-bit applications but the 64-bit version can run 32-bit applications very well. If you are to run a 64-bit application on a 32-bit version of Windows, this can make it to show Win32 error. Just confirm the capacity of your system if it is 32-bit or 64-bit.

==>If there is Virus or Malware Infection: Virus and malware infection does not usually cause this, though virus can attach to a file and cause several changes on it, thereby causing this error 32 to show when you are trying to run the file on it. To fix this is very easy, quickly scan through your computer with your active antivirus software before it causes a serious damage on your computer.

==>It could also occur as a result of Bad Sectors: This is not common, you can run a hard drive diagnostics test from your BIOS to determine the health status for your computer’s hard drive. You will have to replace the hard drive of your computer if it does not pass the test. Check out for Diagnostics test,settings or options on the screen of your computer after you might have Restart your computer.Go through your computer manual if there is need for it.
In other to prevent loosing some important files and data because it's a hardware problem, you have to backup and replace the hard drive for these modern days computers.


  1. there is an easier way to fix it, just download and replace this file!thank me later guys!