Among the largest and well known video sharing sites where you can watch or probably download different types of movies, YouTube happens to be among the list,if not the best. YouTube provides avenue for you to watch a lot of movies, tutorial, musics and lots more in different languages.
YouTube has a large video database and a cool interface for users, this makes them get popular everyday. By visiting their website, you can watch any video of your choice, Although to watch video on YouTube via streaming might not be as easy due to the internet connection, so you can download instead of streaming it and watch it later at your convenient time.
You can use your computer to download movies by using a browser add-on and a 3rd party software.It is always easy to download on PC but when it comes to using android smartphone it might fail to download it.

YouTube Video Downloader Apps for Android
There are several video downloader apps for android but most of them are not working for YouTube, so that is why your several attempt to download movies on YouTube fails when using some video downloader apps even after you have searched for the best YouTube video downloader app for android device.
After a well conducted research, i have come up with the 5 best and free you tube downloader app for android smartphones, just download and install any of it on your android device begin to download videos for free from YouTube now. below are the list of the best apps, so you can choose your choice there.

5 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps for Android smartphone for free

This particular application is among the most popular Android YouTube Video Downloader App. This app is free and it has high downloading speed,so with this app downloading of video is done easily. I personally use this and it's a fantastic application, with it you can download a HD videos from YouTube directly with a high downloading speed.

Key Features of TubeMate YouTube Video Downloader

==>It has Theme customization
==>It supports background downloads
==>It supports video Downloads with various video formats such as FLV, 3GP, MR4 etc.
==>It allows you to select where to save the downloaded video
==>It has Built-in video player
==>You can Download videos with high speed using multiple internet connection at same time
==>You can Pause and Resume download
==>Has User friendly interface
==>You can Download several files at a time.
Get the TubeMate YouTube Video Downloader App HERE   

This app is one of the best YouTube downloader app for Android, it's a old app for youtube video download (one of the oldest) and it has fast video downloading features.This app has a built in advanced search box which is used to search a movie, music or video of your choice on youtube. This can be use to download movies, video and music unlimitedly from youtube as it's a free youtube downloader.
 Easytube android video download comes with a user friendly interface and has a simple navigation features, with this you can use several different format to download movies or videos from youtube as it gives avenue for you to choose the video format to download video to your device. So chooce the best video format that can play easily on your device.

Follow this LINK to download EasyTube

YouTube Downloader
This is another good and popular YouTube Video Downloader App for Android, this apps also has user friendly interface and it is also free to download videos to android device from YouTube. This apps is easily to use and it download videos quickly with your permission to where you want to save the video. This apps can be used to download video directly or you can use official YouTube app.

Some  Key Features of YouTube Downloader
==>It Download and Convert videos in several formats
==>It has a Built-in video player
==>With it you can Download videos directly from YouTube with various video formats
    Get the YouTube Downloader HERE

This is another YouTube Video Downloader app for android phones that you can use to download and watch video from YouTube for free. This app has several features that comes with it, with this app you can download video with high speed from YouTube even if the internet connection is a bit slow.

Some Key Features of Tubex
==>It's a Fast downloading app
==>It Converts video files
==>You can Download multiple files at a same time
==>You can Pause and resume what you are downloading
==>It permits Downloading of videos with MP3, MP4, FLV, 720P etc. formats
==>You can Save your favorite videos on your YouTube Account
Download Tubex HERE


This is another popular and the 5th Video YouTube Downloader App for Android in this article. This app can download video from YouTube for free. It has a good user friendly interface with a very high speed.

The Key Features of WonTube Video Downloader
==>It has a Built-in notification feature
==>It's a free video downloader app for YouTube
==>The Best app for 3g, 4g and edge internet connection
==>With it you can Watch YouTube videos without buffering
Download WonTube HERE


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