Most smartphone and tablet users use their device for internet browsing, play games, watch movies store important data and also use it for reading eBooks. It is necessary and of great importance for an android smartphone or tablet users that stores important data on their device to backup their data for it to be safe from any unforeseen damages.
Our device may be affected by virus leading to lost of data, our device may crash or it might be stolen. If this data are not backed up, it leads to total lost of all the data and files such as the email, contacts, messages. 
We have a lot of Backup applications for Android devices that are available for free while some are premium on the Android app market. These backup apps can be used to protect important data on our Android devices and this usually have different features and functions.

We were able to find out after thorough findings some backup apps for Android and we were able to come out with the best 5 Backup apps for Android that can be used easily and very effective in backing up our data. Below are the list of the best free android backup apps that you can download in other to keep your important data safe.

Best Free Backup Apps For Android

Super Backup : (SMS & Contacts)
If you want a backup just for SMS and contact on your Android phone, Super Backup is the best choice for you. This app is well know by Android users for the SMS and contacts backup but you can also use it to take up some app and  back up data. It can be easily used either automatically or manually to backup data or app to the internal memory of the phone, SD card, Gmail or Google Drive.
To use this app, you have to click on what you want to backup such as the Contacts, Call logs, Calendar, Bookmark, SMS etc.
 In other to start the backup automatically. It also has an option where to backup the app download link of Google play that helps in keeping apps safe. All these apps backup can be restored easily to your Android device from the SD Card. This app is simple and it has good user interface and that is why the app is easily run by the beginner level users.
Download Super Backup from Google play

App Backup & Restore
This App is one of the most downloaded backup app for android devices and it happens to be among the popular app people use, this app has good user interface with different features to take the backup of your device automatically or even manually, all you need to do is to click on the apps you want to backup, this will save the memory of your device (both internal and external memory)
It's traditional backup enables you to transfer the backup to easily to the SD Card and it also has the ability to restore application or any data on it fast. Option to send the APK file of this app to another android phone via Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth is also on this app.
Download this App HERE

Titanium Backup (root)
This is another high rated backup app for Android and it is well known to android users. Titanium Backup is a backup app that's a "must have" for the root users, it is specifically developed and designed for Android root users. so it has little or no features for non-rooted Android users. You can take backup of you device automatically or manually with this device and it's a secure backup app.
With this App you can backup to SD card/cloud storage. This backup app also have a premium version with a lot of fantastic features such as multiple backup for each single app, 0-click batch restores, create an unlimited backup schedule, restore individual data.
Download from Google Play

Backup Your Mobile
This app is a very good Android device backup app, it is used to backup all data, files etc on android device. It allows you to backup the data on your device automatically to a cloud storage such as Drop box, Google Drive, One Drive etc. Just like the traditional backup apps,it also allows you to store your backup data on the SD card or the device memory.
This backup app allows you to take the backup of Call logs, Calendar, bookmark, browsing history, Wi-Fi password, Contacts, Mails, SMS, MMS and so on. It also allows you to create backup schedule that you can use to backup data to cloud storage or SD card automatically
Click HERE to Download from Google Play

CM Backup –  (Cloud, Safe, Speedy)
This Backup app is a well-known cloud based android backup app, it can be used to backup your SMS, Contact, browsing history, dictionary, calendar, events and lots more. When this app is installed on your device, a 5GB cloud storage will be given to you for free to keep the data you backed up safe.
It uses Amazon S3 services for secure data storage and transfer, so your personal and business data are secured. Just make a schedule time for backup on your device to automatically backup your device. Download this app HERE


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