Best Android Messaging App
 In recent time, Android Smartphones has taken over the world of mobile phone, presently in the mobile market in Europe, it accounts for about over 70% of the total sales with Android smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8), LG G3 etc. having highest sales with cheaper devices such as Motorola Moto E and Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.
The demand for Android in the market keeps increasing than before. On the app store, there are different messaging app we can download into our Android phone to compliment the ones that comes with.
I have compiled the list of best apps in 2016 that will help you to stay connected with your colleague and friend.

1. What’s App (It's free First year and $0.99 in subsequent years )
 What's app is one of Largest messaging app in the world with millions of users and that's why it is on top of the list, the users love the services. It is a well-known and popular messaging app which allows sending of message through mobile internet signal or via Wi-Fi connection. This app is not completely free as it used to be, $0.99 is charged per year with first year free of charge. What’s app has the basic need expected of a messaging services such as sending of pictures, text, video, voice note, voice message etc. Group chat is also supported on this app.
Working with your mobile number, What’s App also doesn't require pins, usernames and passwords, it uses the web instead of the mobile network means that there are no pesky international charges.
What’s app works with the phone number of the users without asking for the username, pin or password. There are no international charges attached to this app because it uses web instead of the mobile network. It is popular because it is customizable and it is not difficult to use in messaging as the connection is on phone number

 2. Facebook Messenger (Free)
 This app always come preinstalled on new device, although, several OEM still omit the Facebook app but it can be downloaded from the Google play store. The advantage this app has is that it connect with the Facebook message features and chat directly where you have your family, colleagues and friends. With this app you can send instant message to your contacts on Facebook, you can also send photos, voice messages and searched images.
This app also has mobile smiley customized by Facebook and new sticker which has cute kitties and massive smiley
The Chat Head in the new Facebook messages shows little profile picture at the top of the apps that are running, it is program to bar a full screen video. You can remove the Chat Heads by swiping them to one side of the screen and if the messenger is not enough for you, you can simply replace the home launcher with Facebook launcher.

3. Skype (Free)
Skype first gained prominence on the PC after the sale to the Microsoft. It is the most popular and the best video call application. It service also goes beyond voice and video calling, IM is also supported fully on it with the custom array of Skype’s smiley on it, this app also support group messaging
You can connect to Skype through a your Username and password or it could be done through your Microsoft account (provided you have), an account you might have created for Windows 8 or Windows Live. After merging with Microsoft, Any Skype account existing on your device will be connected to your own windows account via Redmond based film. Other alternative for video calling is ooVoo, you can also download this free. This support speed dial, group messaging, video statue etc.

4. Twitter (Free)
Twitter is another popular social media website that has an app for sending and reading tweets, this app is on the playstore as you can download it free of charge. This mobile app is programmed to do everything the twitter website does ranging from the direct tweets and messages being managed, though the hashtags that comes with the highlighting they do on mobile apps don’t come with it on the main website.
Being a popular app, there are other alternatives you can choose provided the native app don’t have enough. Tweet caster has a multiple account support with numerous features such as Zip features that helps in removing annoying keywords and tweets from the feed and a splash page.
 5. Viber (Free)
Viber is an application just like Skype that allows users to make video calls, phone calls and also allows IM conversation. It is different from Skype because it uses a particular phone number, no need for separate account. Viber allows you to get in touch with the people on your contact list by integrating with the phone contacts, it can also be used to share videos and photos, group conversation is also supported in this app.
This app works on tablets and phones, it also have a desktop version (desktop app) that allows you to do various Viber function on your computer.


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