What is safe mode on an android? 
I have been through different forum and i saw people asking me several questions about their Android phone that their phone is acting up due to malware or due to some other causes such as lagging, some people says their phone fail to install apps and they want to boot such phone into Safe Mode. What's all about this safe Mode option or how to turn on safe mode android and what is the benefit...
Android Safe Mode
A lot of people ask questions such as "How do i boot my phone in safe mode" In this article, i will show you the easy way you can get it done.

This option allows phone users to troubleshoot their irregularities. With this, all the third party apps most especially those that you don't know their source are deactivated.so, what is the benefit of this?
There are some apps that act like virus, how do i mean? i know a lot of people will ask that, yes they act like virus in a way because they interfere with phone system and settings thereby disallowing other app to be launched thereby making these device not to launch and causes it to hang. You can test your device into a safe mode and see maybe it has a connection with the third party apps before you wipe off the cache or uninstall it.

How To Activate Safe Mode On Android Device
This process is very easy, This can be done by pressing the power button to display the power menu. On the power menu, the power off, airplane mode and reboot will show up. Now to activate the safe mode, Just press and hold the power off that appears on the screen and not the button for few seconds. This will bring out the Safe Mode notification requesting if you want to switch your device to Safe Mode. then, press OK to confirm it.

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After pressing OK to confirm it, your device will then boot into Safe Mode. On the mode, all the third party app that are installed will become inaccessible. You can now start to troubleshoot, you will see that this device will be in the default state. On this platform, you can clear the cache of some apps or you can uninstall them.

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If you want to revert the phone back to the Normal Mode i.e if you want to cancel safe mode or undo safe mode Just reboot the phone.
Note that in some device, you might be require to press and hold one of the volume key to enter into Safe Mode when restarting. After this whole process you could  loose some app settings and data to the Safe Mode. You might be requested to re-login on some of the messenger such as Facebook messenger.
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