If you are planning to change your android phone because of it's performance (maybe it is slower than before), i have a good news for you, in this post i have listed the different ways that could make your phone to act in such manner and the tips on how to get it fixed so that your phone will be faster than before.

 This tweak few tweak can make your phone to return back to normal within a short while.

1. Always update your Smartphone
There is always an update which is a way to improve every new release of Android Operating system, so, you have to upgrade your device to the latest update to keep it working perfectly. These updates ensures high performance speed and connectivity, boost stability and also provides user-friendly features. Tablet device now run on Jelly Bean and ICS so try and update it through system update to Android Jelly Bean

2: Never flush Cached Data

A geek will never advice you to wipe out your phone cache because of it function on the phone.The important reason why you should let the cache remain on your phone is that it allows you to access your application quickly, so when the cache data removed, it will allow all android apps to load from the phone storage space and this will sloe down the launch speed of the app.
So if you are trying to boost the performance of your smartphone by flushing the cache, you are doing the contrary.

3. Disable Useless Applications
There are some apps that that are you don't use that usually run on the background, this apps are using the phone memory (RAM). It is always good to uninstall those apps you don't use on your smartphone because this will reduce the work load of your phone memory.
If you want to check the list of install apps and to disable the unused ones, follow these steps below:
Go through Setting==>Apps==>check out the list of Apps in Downloaded tab==>Choose any App==>Uninstall

4. Uninstall Animations
You must have been observing this when you are trying to navigate through your Android phone, these animations uses RAM as well. You have to disable these animation if your phone is slow to keep it going.To do this, you have to first activate the smartphone developer option, if you want to do this, you will Navigate through the phone settings,click on About Phone, you will see 'Builder number" click on it for about 7 times. After doing this Android will now make you a developer...Boom!!! It's that simple.
Now, Select back button and click on the Developer options. You will see Window Animation Scale, Animator Animation Scale and Transition Animation Scale on the drawing section of the developer options, Click on the three of them and switch off the animation effect. There will be improvement in your phone performance as this will reduce the workload of your RAM

5. Move Files to Cloud
If your phone gallery takes time to open then you need a new place where you can store your images and video files. You can download Dropbox, google drive or perhaps any cloud service on your smartphone and send all the files there. This will allow you to have access to your videos and photos from any other PC or phone and it will also  reduce some storage space on your Smartphone.

6. Use Good Antivirus or System Manager
If you want to choose an antivirus, i will advice you to choose a smaller or a light weight application (though Android system is well optimized to take care of this). We have so many system manager that claim that they work to boost android device but all they do is to slow down your processor and take up your RAM and anytime you want to clean RAM, they usually come up saying to free out 250-300mb RAM.

7. Restore Your Device to Factory Settings
The Last method is to restore your device to factory settings, this means that you have to delete all the data from your device and change it back to how you bought it brand new.

Before you perform this factory reset, it is important for you to note the following:
==>All the data on the device’s internal memory will be wiped out e.g contact list, SMS etc.
==>You need to backup all your files before starting.
==>All the accounts of WhatsApp, gmail, will be deleted.
==>You have to re-root your device after because it will be unrooted

So, if you are ready for this with all the things you have to sacrifice then go ahead with it. You need to read about the steps to performing a factory reset.


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