There are software such as Blue stacks that you can use to run an Android application on your PC but i know that you might not have seen this and just like the what Mr Jide(the brain behind this OS) said it that "it is the feature of the android OS"

Mr Jide's team, a team comprising of three former Googlers and it is founded by them, this device runs Remix OS, An Android system that offer full compatibility with Android apps, and yet brings  start menu, mouse, task bar,  keyboard and cursor.
You can now run Android OS on your PC With Remix OS, and this can be done from a separate drive i.e you can simply transfer Remix OS into your USB drive and start booting it from there
making this to run from the USB drive this would also save the settings and also the files within it. So it means you can take Remix OS where ever you like.
This video below by Mr Jide will explain better

What are the requirement?
The requirements are
A USB flash drive( 3.0) that supports FAT32 format (This must have a minimum capacity of 8GB and a writing speed of 20MB/s).
A PC that has CPU with 64-bit compatibility.
After getting all these in place you can now proceed to how you can run the Remix OS…


==>1. You will first Download the Remix OS for PC, You can follow this link to download it from the official website here.

==>2. After downloading it, then unzip the file and Plug in a USB flash drive inside the PC of your choice.

==>3. Run Remix OS USB Tool and  burn the .iso file onto your USB flash drive ensure you follow the instructions strictly.

==>4. Restart your Computer.

==>5. Select ‘F2’ or ‘F10’ or ‘F12’ or ‘Esc’ to enter the the PC boot option mode (depending on the PC).

==>6. Press on “USB Storage” as your boot option.

==>7. Pick either “Resident Mode”or “Guest Mode” This will start Remix OS for the PC.

Benefits Of  Remix OS

The advantages of Remix OS to the developing world are significant. As It has instant compatibility with most Android phones, It has been shown by the bench test that Remix OS works significantly much faster than Windows, This will surely breathe new life into older machines and make modern machines run at an impossible speeds.
-It can perform a multiple task
Remix OS 2.0 support for multiple-window literary means that it can allow you to spend little time to switch between time multitasking and the screen. Which also means that you have the ability to do multiple tasks at the same time i.e. you can work on a presentation in Officer, receive live call from someone on Skype and also , conduct research on Browse.. all these at the same time. So you don't have to restrict yourself to one or two applications once.

The “Guest Mode” is a guest session which will not save your data or downloaded apps. while the

“Resident Mode” will allow you run Remix OS and save all the data and downloaded apps in the USB drive.
Enjoy the world of Android OS on your PC

This is how  Remix OS look like on the windows PC.


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