Doctor battery
Battery Doctor (Battery Saver): This is the tool designed for saving the battery power and it gives the exact information about your battery such as the life your battery has left, it has different features that will help you improve your battery duration. The way it works has a program is based on three charges which have the ability to give the battery of your phone some extra life.

Among the features it has, the most important features that will help you boost your battery duration is the tool that helps in deleting processes, which battery doctor (Battery Saver) has.
This tool helps in killing processes which are good in improving your battery life, normally you always have a lot of application that run in the background by connections such as the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, by brighten up the screen or maybe by vibration and some other cases, all these tasks cannot be monitored by the users at a time and this usually consumes a lot of energy even if you don't use them. so, battery Doctor (Battery Saver) use to delete all of them. If you are using Battery Doctor (Battery Saver), it does not only give the battery life of your battery but it also gives the duration it would take to complete a particular task. For example,have now it would show you the duration it would take if you are watching a particular video without stopping.

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) is good in calculating the battery life of your device and it will also boost the performance in some cases. Everybody knows that battery backup time is an essential thing on every smartphone so, Doctor battery (Battery Saver) will surely help you to prolong the backup time of the device battery.
Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) is the best tool to maximize the battery life on smartphones. Doctor battery reduces the battery consumption by closing some unused task in the background when necessary.
Download Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) apk file in the link below and begin to save hours of battery power from now.

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Doctor battery (Battery Saver) has the ability to extend the standby time of your smartphone. More than a million users know the benefit of it good power saving ability, Excellent charging and accurate power forecasting capabilities. It Double Battery Life.
Battery Doctor has different features in it and battery tips which will ensure that you can always get the best out of your device.
3 Stage Charging Systems
Our app has some other functions other than to monitor your battery. It has special 3 stage charging system which helps to regulate the electric flow in other to ensure that your device charges fully and quickly.
Fast Charge
Trickle Charge
Continuous Charge 
Technical Details of Doctor battery (Battery Saver)
Developed By: Cheetah Mobile
Version: 4.14.2
Size: 5.7MB
Application Permissions:
  • It writes to the external storage
  • Notifies you when the operating system finished booting
  • Pair the Bluetooth devices when discovered
  • It opens window by using the type TYPE_SYSTEM_ALERT, appears on top of all other applications
  • It reads the sync settings
  • Also, Read low-level system log files
  • It permits an application to uninstall their home screen shortcuts
  • It receives battery statistics
  • PowerManager WakeLocks in other to prevent the processor screen dimming or from sleeping
  • Allows the termination of the processes on the background
  • Check up information about the networks
  • It Allows home screen shortcuts installation
  • Access Wi-Fi networks information
  • Check up the vibration features
  • Writes the sync settings
  • It Disables the keyguard 
  • It Changes the state of Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Write and also Read the system settings
  • It opens the network sockets
  • Connects to the Bluetooth devices that are paired
  • Read from the external storage device
  • It reads only the access to the device state
  • Change the state of network connectivity
  • Get all the information about recent and the current running tasks: The representation of these tasks in the thumbnail and the activities that are running inside it.
Approximate Download Time: Less than 1 minute
Minimum Operating System: Android 2.3
Download this application on your device and I bet that you will love it. Share this post with your friend and start enjoying longer battery life.


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