Satellite Phone
Satellite phone, satphone and satellite telephone are type of mobile phones that connects directly to the orbiting satellite and not terrestrial cell sites. Their function is related to those terrestrial mobile telephones in terms of short messaging service, voice and they support low-bandwidth internet access via most systems.
Based on the architecture and structure of a system, the coverage of this network may be limited to a particular region or the whole Earth.

Mobile equipment also called terminal, they come in different form. The size and weight of the early satellite phone and handset can be compared to the mobile phones of  early 1990s, but they have large antenna that is retractable.
The recent satellite phones have the same size with the common mobile phones we see around, there are some prototype satellite phones that have similar features with the normal smartphones. Satphones are well known in the remote areas where the terrestrial cellular service is not available.
Fixed installation like the ones that is used on the ship may be large, rack-mounted electronics, rugged and steerable microwave antenna mounted on the mast tracks overhead satellite automatically. Internet service satellite phones have poor reception of signal indoors, though you might have a fair signal around the window or in an open area or on top of high building. These phones are made with connectors you can use for external antenna that you can install in buildings

Satellite Internet Providers In My Area
Best Satellite Internet Providers in 2016
The Best Satellite Internet Providers in 2016 results we tried to carry out thorough review of the top satellite Internet providers and they were ranked based on the speed, customer service, download capacity and general customer experience.

1  HughesNet
They have been in this business for more than 30 years; they are in more than 100 countries with over 2.5 million users. The monthly download capacity is between 20GB to 40GB, they also have bonus data between 2am and 8am. It has extremely good download speeds with monthly bandwidth capacity when they are compared with other competitors. These include a free installation from the professional installers authorized by them.
They give 247 phone, email and chat technical support to all their customers. They also give instruction that will assist you when you run into any technical issues on their system control center online.

The Advantages include:
Ability to download about 15Mbps
About 20GB Anytime + 20Gbps Bonus monthly

2  DishNET
DishNET is a good choice for people because it allows you to save when you have the internet, phone and TV bundled together. dishNET have a pretty fast speed and they give  quality value out of all of the satellite Internet providers we reviewed.
 They provide outside the USA provided you have good view of southern sky. If you choose DISH you will be having bundling service to your TV package. they can waive an activation fee of about $99 if you have TV and Internet bundled together.
DishNET is among our Best Satellite Providers because they have excellent customer service, affordable pricing and convenient bundle.

The Advantages include
Ability to download about 20Mbps
About 30GB per month

3  Exede
Exede was launched a year ago with a high capacity communication satellite, and it is owned by Viasat and that why it is called Viasat-1.Exede internet has the best overall `performance in terms of the amount of speed they promised their subscribers. They advertise download speed of about 12Mbps in their peak hours.
 They also give The Free Zone of 5 hours unmetered internet everyday. If you are to download or upload in the free zone, it is done at full speed and they don't charge data for it.
With these entire packages, it also has good service, competitive pricing and large customer base. These makes them be among the Best Satellite Providers,
they have Free installation deals in many areas.

The Advantages include
Ability to download about 20Mbps
Give Up to 25 GB Per Month
The Free Zone from 12am to 5am

4  WildBlue
WildBlue gives their users the speed ranging from 512k to 1.5Mbps. It is older satellite technology beside what HughesNet has in place in term of technology. When you buy their product, you will be given 20mb of web space with one year of antivirus software.

The Advantages include
Up to 1.5Mbps
Up to 17GB Monthly Download
How Does Satellite Internet Work? 
Satellite Internet works the same with satellite TV. The idea of orbiting of satellites in geosynchronous is dependent on the operation of satellite Internet.
it shows that this satellite should be placed on the orbit at the distance of 22300miles above the equator, on this location, it will orbit just when the earth is rotating
That is why it allows your satellite dish at home to be in contact with the satellite that orbits.
  • These are the complete satellite Internet system
  • Your personal computer at home
  • Your satellite dish at home
  • Orbiting satellite that transmits and receive data
  • A modem which helps in translating signals that is received from your home satellite dish which you can use on your personal computer
  • Internet service provider’s operation center
When you try to launch a browser on your personal computer, this sends transmission via your modem to the satellite dish and from there to the orbiting satellite and from there to the operational center which also send back the website information to orbiting satellite and back to the home dish via the modem, then finally to the computer. After completed the distance of about 90,000 miles. Then the website you requested will appear within a second.