As a blackberry user in Nigeria, i know you might want to know the cost of their services, on this post, i have compiled the price list and also the code for subscribing to the blackberry services of all the network providers in Nigeria. As you have known that a blackberry phone is useless if it doesn't have an active data plan, this blackberry service plan varies from network to network in Nigeria.

 Some are specifically for the purpose of accessing the social media, there are also some cheaper price BIS plan known as the Blackberry Complete, this plan is different from the BIS in the sense that it comes with some limitations, they have limited browsing time unlike the BIS that is not restricted i.e. it has unlimited browsing access.
Also, BlackBerry Complete only support a one third-party internet email address such as Yahoo or Gmail, you will need to subscribe to BIS that has full and unlimited offer if you are to receive email from other sources or you use the in-built Blackberry Mail to receive mail.

BlackBerry BIS Codes And Their Prices
BIS is for those that wants to access the internet, instant message, social media and Email,it  is the best alternative for those that wants to access Blackberry fully, In Nigeria today we have three major BIS plans which are the BIS Daily, BIS Weekly and BIS Monthly. Most Monthly Price for BlackBerry Complete, BB10 and BIS.

 These are the BlackBerry Activation Codes and Price For 30-day BlackBerry plans:

  •    For Glo BB Complete Month plan ==> Text COMONTH to 777 For N1,0
  •    For Airtel BB Complete plan ==> Text BCM to 444 For N1,400
  •    For MTN BB Complete Month package ==> Send BBC to 21600 for 1500 Naira
  •    For Visafone Complete Monthly plan ==>Text BBCM to 6000 for just N1,399 
  •    For Glo BlackBerry10 Lite Monthly plan ==>  Text LITMONTH to 777 for N1,000
  •    For Airtel BlackBerry10 Lite Month plan ==> Dial *440*13# for N1,000
  •    For MTN BlackBerry10 Lite Month plan ==> Dial *216*9# for N1,000
  •    For Etisalat BlackBerry10 Lite Monthly plan ==> Dial *599*2# for N1,00
  •    For Glo BlackBerry10 Mid-Month plan ==> Text MIDMONTH to 777 for N1,400
  •   For Airtel BlackBerry10 Midi Monthly plan ==> Dial *440*10# for N1,500
  •   For MTN BlackBerry10 Midi Monthly plan ==> Dial *216*12# for N1,500
  •   For Etisalat BlackBerry10 Midi plan==>Dial *599*3# for N1,400
  •   For Etisalat BB Complete plan ==> *499*3# for  N1,500
  •   For Glo BB BIS Monthly plan==> Send BISMONTH to 777 for N1,500
  •   For MTN BB BIS Month plan ==> Send BIS to 21600 for N3,000
  •   For Airtel BB Unlimited BIS Monthly plan ==> Text BISMONTH to 444 for N3,000
  •   For Etisalat BB Unlimited BIS Monthly ==> dial *399*1# for N3,000
  •   For Visafones Absolute Monthly plan ==> Text BBAM to 6000 for N2,899
  •   For Glo BlackBerry10 Max Monthly plan ==>Text MaxMONTH to 777 for N3,000
  •   For Airtel BlackBerry10 Maxi Monthly plan ==> Dial *440*7# for N3,000
  •   For MTN BlackBerry10 Maxi Month plan ==> Dial *216*15# for N3,000
  •   For Etisalat BlackBerry10 Maxi plan ==> Dial *599*4# for – N3,000
    BlackBerry Data Plans - BlackBerry BIS Weekly Plan

These are the 7-day BlackBerry Plans with Price
  •     For Glo BB BIS Complete Weekly Plan ==> Text CoWEEK to 777 For N400
  •     For Airtel BB Complete Plan ==> Text BCW to 444 For N400
  •     For Etisalat BB Complete Plan ==> *499*3*1# For N500
  •     For MTN BB BIS Complete Week Plan ==>  Send BBCWEEK to 21600 For N500
  •     For Glo BlackBerry10 Lite Plan ==> Text LITWEEK to 777 For N400
  •     For  Airtel BlackBerry10 Lite Plan ==> Dial *440*14# For N350
  •     For  MTN BlackBerry10 Lite Plan ==> Dial *216*8# For N350
  •     For Glo BlackBerry10 Mid Plan ==> Text MIDWEEK to 777 For N600
  •     For  Etisalat BlackBerry10 Lite Week Plan ==> Dial *599*2*1# For N850
  •     For Airtel BlackBerry10 Midi Plan ==> Dial *440*11# For N525
  •     For MTN BlackBerry10 Midi Plan ==>Dial *216*11# For  N550
  •    For Etisalat BlackBerry10 Mid Plan ==> Dial *599*3*1# For N1,000
  •    For  Glo BB BIS Weekly Plan ==> Text BISWEEK to 777 For N900
  •    For  MTN BB BIS Weekly Plan ==> Send BBWEEK to 21600 For N1,000
  •    For Airtel BB BIS Weekly Plan ==> Text BISWEEK to 444 For N1,000
  •     For Etisalat BB BIS Weekly Plan ==> dial *399*6# For N1,000
  •     For Glo BlackBerry10 Max Plan ==> Text MAXWEEK to 777 For N1,050
  •     For Airtel BlackBerry10 Max Plan ==> Dial *440*8# For N1,050
  •     For MTN BlackBerry10 Maxi Plan ==> Dial *216*14# For N1,100
  •     For Etisalat BlackBerry10 Max Week Plan ==> Dial *599*8# For N1,500
BlackBerry BIS Daily Price and Code - BlackBerry Access For 24 hours :
  •     For Glo BB BIS Complete Daily Plan ==> Text CoDAY to number 777 For N100
  •     For Etisalat BB Complete Daily Plan ==> press *299*3*2# and dial For N100
  •     For Airtel BB Complete Daily Plan ==> Text BCD to 444 For N100
  •     For Airtel BB BIS Daily Plan ==> Text BISDAY to 444 For N200
  •     For Airtel Blackberry10 Max Plan ==> Dial *440*9# For N200
  •     For MTN Blackberry10 Maxi Plan ==> Dial *216*13# For N200
  •     For Airtel Blackberry10 Midi Plan ==>Dial *440*12# For N100
  •     For MTN Blackberry10 Midi Plan ==> Dial *216*10# For N100
  •     For Airtel Blackberry10 Lite Plan ==> Dial *440*15# For N70
  •     For MTN Blackberry10 Lite Plan ==> Dial *216*7# For N70
  •     For Etisalat BB BIS Day Plan ==> dial *499*5# For N250
  •     For Glo BB BIS Daily Plan ==> Text BISDAY to 777 For N300

BlackBerry Social Plans Codes And Prices
BlackBerry Social is a cheap BIS plan, with this plan you only have access to instant messaging services such as Facebook, BlackBerry Messenger, Twitter etc. and social media. This service allows you to have access to limited internet service; it restricts you from accessing internet services such as Gmail and Yahoo but allows in-built BlackBerry mail. Only those that connects with friends on Social Media services such as Twitter and Facebook subscribes to this Service.
  •     For Glo BB Social Month Plan ==> Send SOMonth to 777  For N1,200
  •     For MTN BB Social Month Plan ==> Send BBS to 21600 For N1,500
  •     For Airtel BB Social Monthly Plan ==> dial *440*4#  For N1,200
  •     For Etisalat BB Social Month Plan ==> dial *499*2#  For N1,300
  •     For Glo BB Social Week Plan ==> Send SOWeek to 777  For N400
  •     For MTN Blackberry Social Week Plan ==> Send BBSWEEK to 21600  For N450
  •     For Airtel BlackberrySocial Weekly Plan ==> dial *440*5#  For N500
  •     For Etisalat Blackberry Social Week Plan ==> dial *499*2*1#  For N400
  •     For Glo BB Social Day Plan ==> Send SODay to 777  For N100
  •     For Airtel BB Social Day Plan ==> dial *440*6#  For N500
  •     For Etisalat Blackberry Social Day Plan ==>  dial *49
BlackBerry BES Codes And Prices
BlackBerry Enterprisse Solution is the plan for companies. Companies that want their workers to have access to their corporate email and IT infrastructure, BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is the for you. It is advisable for the company to contact their network provider before subscribing to this BES Services.
  •     For Glo BB BES Month Plan ==> Send BESMONTH to 777 For N4,200
  •     For Etisalat BB BES Month Plan ==> N6,000
  •     For Glo BB BES Week Plan ==> Send BESWEEK to 777 For N1,400
  •     For Glo BB BES Day Plan ==> Send BESDAY to 777 For N350
If you encounter any problem subscribing to any of these package, comment below and i will show you the way forward...HAPPY BROWSING!!!


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