BlackBerry Complete Data Plan (blackberry complete etisalat, Mtn, Airtel)
Blackberry complete is a BIS plan of blackberry phone in Nigeria that works on all the networks (Airtel, Glo, Etisalat and MTN). It is a very cheap plan, in fact, it's amongst the blackberry complete Etisalat plans that is affordable in Nigeria, they are working on making the amount people are spending on blackberry phone of blackberry phone lesser than before for their users most especially students and ordinary student where you can get a good Blackberry in Nigeria.

Jumia and Konga, you can get yours online from their websites and respectively at the price starting from #22000
 Although, this service has some tradeoff, there is a limitation it has for some users, those that are not noticing these limitations are not affected are the ones in the target segment. You can swap to other services such as BIS stead  if you notice this limitation, it shows this segment is not meant for you. RIM created this cheaper service of BIS so as to make it affordable for the people in developing world that RIM has gained ground
 BlackBerry Complete And BIS Comparison
airtel blackberry complete plan and etisalat blackberry complete plan

Now that you know that BB complete is a cheaper BIS, so what is the difference between the two, what will you miss if you choose one over the other, so before we proceed i will like to implore you  inquire on the services both of them have to offer.
One of the differences is that BIS gives unlimited browsing but Blackberry Complete only give a limited browsing. For example, the browsing ceiling for MTN is 200MB monthly while Glo and Airtel are 3GB and 1.4GB respectively. These are only limited to the above networks only, other networks are yet to publish their own, so don’t believe that BlackBerry Complete gives unlimited browsing, if this package is too small for you, you can opt for BIS.

Another thing is that on BIS, you have the ability to log on to 10 different internet emails like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. on your blackberry device but with BlackBerry Complete you are only limited to just one internet email. Some people might be fine with it while some will not be ok with it.
You can still get some other instant messaging service such as GTalk and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) on the BlackBerry Complete and you can also do other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook etc

You can get BlackBerry Complete plan at the price like half of BIS like 1500 Naira and even 1400 for a monthly package where as for BIS it is 3000 Naira for monthly package.

BlackBerry Access Codes and Complete Prices
    For the Monthly (3GB) Glo BlackBerry Complete plan  – Send COMONTH to 777 for N1,000 only
    For the  N1,400 Airtel BlackBerry Complete plan – simply Send BCM to 444
    For the  N1,500 MTN Blackberry Complete Monthly plan  – text BBC to 21600
    For the Etisalat BlackBerry Complete plan – dial *499*3#
    For Glo 700MB BlackBerry Complete Week plan – N400 Send CoWEEK to 777
    For Airtel  N400 BlackBerry Complete plan – Send BCW to 444
    For Etisalat N500 BlackBerry Complete plan – simply dial *499*3*1#
    MTN N500 Blackberry Complete Weekly plan – send BBCWEEK to 21600
    For Glo N100 BlackBerry Complete Day – Send CoDAY to 777
    Etisalat BlackBerry Complete Data plan – dial *299*3*2# – For N100 only
    For Airtel Daily BlackBerry Complete  – Simply Send BCD to 444 – For N100 only


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