Nigerians have actually started using apps such as Simple Server, Tweakware, Psiphon, Open VPN, Http Injector, and lots more for internet browsing on their PC and Android phones like the MTN2GO MB, Etisalat chat pack and the BBLite subscription on Android phones, ever since imei tweaking has gone. This post is centered to discussing the way you can use music plus on your android smartphones, how you can use it to  browse and also, Etisalat social pak & chat pak. To go  about this i will be using MTN 3GB 2GO plan.
Before you can get 3gb worth of data free for 2go on MTN networks, this data is only working for 2go and these days people are no longer using 2go and there is need to use the data through other means otherwise the data would just waste and we can't afford to lose the whole data, this is when simple server was introduced which serve as intermediary between your mobile phone and your data. This structures the setting of your phone and makes it look as if it is on 2go where as you are not on 2go when you configure the simple server the right way and use it to browse.

We will be using this same method for MTN music plus plan, MTN currently gives free 150MB to be used to stream, As for the music plus app but just like I explained earlier, we are going to use a simple server to make it power all apps.
If you want to start using MTN Music plus plan on android first, you send MUSIC to 5900, wait for a confirmation message then Send D to 5900 and then dial *559*2# to check your balance.
Now open your simple server(preferably the latest version) and configure it using the following settings.
Start your simple server and configure it by using the settings listed below (it is advisable to use the latest version of simple server)
  • Proxy host -
  • Injection Query/Url -
  • Proxy Port - 8080
  • Injection host -
  • Injection Line - Press the enter key of your phone four times
  • Injection Type - Get
  • Connection Timeout - 10
  • Log Level - Debug
    Buffer Size - 8092
Then open your Phone settings to Mobile Networks and then to the Access point Names then you can now create a new APN (For those using 2go Mb or BBLite before, just choose the APN that you create previously).
  • Proxy -
  • Port - 8080
  • APN -
  • APN type - Default
  • Don't touch the remaining ones, leave them as they are.
Close the settings and Open simple server then power it up.

How To Configure MTN Music Plus to work On PC
You must have simple server installed on your PC (the one for PC) if you want mtn music plus plan work on your PC.
Right click the extract the simple server downloaded to your PC
Open the folder you extracted and checkout for simple server.ini, then copy it into the note pad
Search through it, You will see VALHDR0 then clear everything that is in front of it and fill it with for it to show this "VALHDR0 = '"
Again search for IQUERY again and clear everything infront of it and change it with "" for it to look this way IQUERY = '' then save it.
Look for "Simple server.exe" after this and then start running it.
In your modem dashboard go to settings then make another APN new.
  •  APN -
  •  Username - Web
  •  Password - Web
Configure MTN Music Plus To Work On FIREFOX
Start your Firefox then go to options==> Advanced==> Network ==> Under connections select settings and then configure it as shown below:
Proxy -
Port - 8080
Click on "use this server for all protocols" (This is compulsory)
Click on OK and start using!

Configure MTN Music Plus To Work On CHROME

Select settings==> Network==> change proxy settings==> Click settings.
Click on use a proxy server to run this connection and continue
Address -
Port - 8080
Click on bypass proxy server for the local addresses
Click on OK button and Start Browsing

If you still want this service (mtn music plus plan) you  can renew it for free send D to 5900 when you finish the first 150MB and they will give you another 150MB, when you finish that one again, Text cancel7d to 5900, wait for reply and then send D to 5900 again They will give you another after finishing that one send cancel7d to 5900 and then D you keep cancelling and renewing until you get tired of browsing.


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