Dstv Online Payment In Nigeria
To make DSTV Nigeria online payment is not as easy as it used to be, the advantage of it is that you can make this payment at the comfort of your home with just an internet connection, you don't need dstv payment with atm card so, anytime your subscription expires, you don't need to go to Dstv office around you for dstv payment packages or visit any bank to know your dstv subscription prices or payment plan to get it renewed.
 i have compiled this article to guide you on how to make the payment from your home via internet with just few tips. Don't wait till dstv payment due date and through this you can also know how to check my dstv balance online.
One of the advantages is that it is very fast, effective and easy to do. This will save you the stress of driving to the bank and joining a long queue.

Below are the steps to you will follow :
1==> Go to www.quickteller.com 
2==> There is DSTV subscription in the featured service area and click on Pay Dstv Bills under it
3==> Another page will appear showing Dstv subscription packages, then select the package of your choice
4==> Fill in the necessary information i.e. (fill in your smart card number and your email address inside the box that is shown and click on next. So you'll fill in your name in the next page and click on next.
5==> The page to show your payment will appear, just enter your card information required, chose whether you are to use MasterCard or verve, a page will appear that confirms your payment.
6==> A notification message will be sent to you in form of email or text message confirming the dstv online payment you made.

How to pay via GTB Internet Banking
Go to your GTB internet banking platform and select the payment option and you will see where Dstv subscription option is select the Dstv bouquet package then go to the quick teller. Choose the DSTV for  the account biller name and also, the utility type whether it is Access Bouquet, Compact or Extra View.
Fill in the amount to pay and other necessary information such as your phone number, the amount to pay, secret question, DSTV smart card number and your Email Address.

You will then proceed further to activate your Dstv after making the payment
Activate your Dstv subscription
1==> tune your Dstv to Africa Magic
2==>Dial 012703232 and wait to listen to the voice command.
3==> If there is dstv error E16 press 1 to fix it.
4==> You will be requested to enter your dstv smart card number (the first 10 digits) and followed by #
5==> After few minutes it would be activated. 
For Nigeria users the self-care number is 30330.
I hope you find this information very helpful, incase you encounter any problem with this or it's not clear to you, enter your complaints in the comment box below and we will get back to you shortly after.


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