What Is Data Recovery?
Data recovery simply means redeeming data that are inaccessible from a damaged or corrupt secondary storage, files or removable media, when these data can not  be accessed normally. Usually these data are redeemed from storage device like USB flash drives, external and internal hard disc drives, magnetic tapes, solid state drives, DVD, RAID subsystems, etc. This may be done as a result of physical damage, logical damage etc. on file system which prevent host operating system from accessing it.

 Operating system failure, accidental deletion and damage, malfunction of storage device etc. are usually the common data recovery cases, what so ever the cause is , the main aim is to transfer all the file we want from there to a storage device that is safe. You can use a live CD to do this, this provide a space where you can store backup drives, removable media and system drive and to move these files to backup media using a file manager. You can reduce the effect of these cases through disc partitioning and storing data files that are valuable on different partition.

How To Recover Data From An External Hard Drive 
Most common problems with external hard drive are:
  • Accidental formatting of external hard drive
  • Deleting files unknowingly
  • File system failure
Make sure that the drive is seen by the system, you can check this by opening the computer, check the disc management whether it is listed there. If it is there, use ReclaiMe File Recovery for the data extraction otherwise this task would fail and data recovery tools will not recover any data. These usually occur following faulty hard drive or spoiled enclosure.
I a case where the PC recognized the external hard drive and you can not read the data, just follow the instructions below and get the data recovered.
  • Using ReclaiMe to perform external hard drive recovery
  • Ensure your drive has a good space
  • Download ReclaiMe File Recovery software, install and run the software.
  • Checkout the device that you are about to get those data from inside your device list.
  • Double click the drive in other to begin the recovery process
  • These files will show immediately when they are discovered.
  • Click on those files you or the folder you want to recover and save it by pressing the save button.
Seagate External Hard Disk Data Recovery
Seagate external hard disk is one of the top leading disc used in storing data. It is a used in recovering data when it gets deleted, formatted or maybe has error. Seagate is the largest Hard Disk producer so it is well known and widely used by computer users around the world.
Several external hard drive error might occur on the disc that might warrant data recovery, Seagate uses a software known as iCare Data Recovery Pro which is used for data recovery

Data Recovery Software For Seagate External Hard Drive
Seagate external hard drive can lose data but no file has been reportedly removed from its external hard disc irrespective of how it got lost. All we need is a 3rd party software for the data recovery, if you are to recover the data from the Seagate external hard drive this software i.e. iCare Data Recovery is important as it will help you to recover all the lost data in cases such as formatted external hard drive recovery, deleted data recovery, file recovery as a result of Seagate hard drive having unknown or formatted errors. This software work for every Seagate external hard drives, It also work for other brand as well.


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