Best Tariff Plan On Glo Network, Glo Infinito, Glo Bounce, Glo Talk-Free, Glo Gista, Glo Hi-Flier, Glo G-Bam Tarrif Plan, Call Rates And Migration Codes. 
A lot of people use to ask that which is the cheapest Glo tariff plan or what is the lowest call tariff for glo network? As a Glo user, are you always recharging your Glo line with recharge card worth thousands? that simply means you are  not on the right plan, guess what Glo now have some amazing call tariff plan to all their subscribers.

Some of these glo tariff plan offer comes with cheap bonuses with a high call rates, these bonuses distract people from knowing the actual call rate they charge on the calls they make. As we have known that Globacom network is among the best network providers in Nigeria, they offer a cheap Glo call tariff plans and cheap data plan for their subscribers with bonuses to call all the networks in Nigeria.
Recently, glo has introduced new data plan with their existing plans which are Glo Hi-Flier and Glo Talk free.
They have also upgrade their previous tariff plans such as Glo G-BAM, Glo infinito and Glo Gista plan.
Most of the time, a lot of people find it hard to choose the best Glo call rate that will suit their interest but in
this tutorial i have compiled the best Glo call rate plan for you to make the right choice. below are all glo tariff plans that are cheap for you to chose from.
how to check glo tariff plan - glo packages and their codes
 Glo Packages And Migration Codes
Glo Infinito:
This is among the best package on glo and cheapest Glo prepaid tariff plan that has no conditions, rental payment or any hidden charges. Glo infinito is set automatically to be to be the default plan on Glo network. This plan offers their subscribers to call 10 special numbers at a very cheap rate i.e. ten frequently called 
numbers of friends, family and associates (At 10k/sec) and Glo to Glo calls for 20K/s while other networks such as Etisalat is 30k/s and SMS to Glo to Glo network is 4Naira while other Networks is 5Naira.
How To Migrate To Glo Infinito
To migrate to Glo Infinito, dial *100*9*2#
To register Glo Infinito special numbers, dial *101*1*Phone Number#
To delete Glo Infinito special numbers, dial *101*3*Phone Number#

 Glo Bounce:
Glo bounce is among the cheapest Glo flexi tarriff plan, it offers unlimited value to users and with it you can make a call to all networks at 15k/s and to those on glo bounce plan at 11k/s
How to Migrate to Glo Bounce plan
To migrate to Glo bounce simply dial *170*4# and begin to enjoy the service.
Call Rate: Calls from Glo Bounce to Glo Bounce subscribers: 11k/s
Call Rate:  other Glo networks: 15kobo per sec (N9/min)
Conditions on this plan is: N24 is charged in the first min of the day
Call rate of Glo Bounce: 15k/s flat for all networks
To check your call balance: Dial #124*1#

Glo Talk-free:
This is another tariff plan that offers cheap calls, it's a new tariff plan that allows Glo users to receive about
150 talk time and SMS for free, it also offer free mid night calls after recharging up to 200Naira in the previous week. 
How To Migrate To Glo Talk Free
Dial *100*12*1# to activate. The subscription fee is 1,000 Naira per month.
The call rate to another Glo Network is 15k/sec
To other Network is 18k/s
The SMS Charges Both to Glo and other Network is 4 Naira per SMS
They also give 5Min calls and SMS daily only for Glo to Glo for free
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Glo Hi-Flier:
This is another new Glo tarrif plan (just like Glo gbam tariff plan) that allows users that subscribe to the data plan of 200MB to make calls at the rate of18k/s to all the network. This plan offers free night calls to subscribers’ everyday upon the usage of 200 Naira the previous week.
The call rate of this plan is 18k/s to Glo and other Network across the country and the SMS rate is 4Naira to Glo and other Network. They also offer their users 5MB per day for free.

To Migrate to Glo Hi-Flier
Subscribe for 200MB and above on any Glo data plan and begin to enjoy this package
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