Having security and protection on Android smartphone is an important thing every phone users should know, most especially when you have friends that are trying to check your phone without your permission. Do not think that you cannot forget your pattern lock of your Android phone, though the chance of forgetting it is very slim.

You might have some tech-oriented friends that might have changed your unlock pattern which will make you stumped anytime you want to unlock your phone.
I have written this post to help you bypass locked screen security on any android phone without resetting or losing data on it.
How To password, Bypass Pattern Lock or lock screen security on Android device
 Have you ever forgotten your android device password or the lock screen security and you lose all your important data while trying to reset it? There is a solution for you here that you will use to access your phone without losing any data. Try to bookmark this page because you might need it in the future.
You can use this guide for almost all the android phones but before you proceed it is important for you to know that:
  • You should know this for Educational Purpose only
  • Don't try to use this to gain access to other people's phone without his/her permission whatsoever
  • I won't be held responsible for any misbehaving or Error on your device.
The Requirements Includes:
==>An Android device that has an enabled USB Debugging, preferably rooted or it must be running on kennel that permit root access to ADB shell.
If you want to activate USB debugging on Devices running old version of android or the one running on Android 4.0
For older version Open your settings==>Application==>Development. Then check the box next to USB debugging option.
For Android 4.0 Open your settings==> Developer Options.  Then check the box next to USB debugging option.
==>A computer that has ADB installed on it.
If you want to set up ADB on your computer, checkup our previous posts
==> Ensure that your phone battery is well charged to prevent interruption in the course of the process.
==> Make sure you backup all the personal data on your device such as the internet settings, contacts, MMS, Wi-Fi password, SMS etc. in case of unforeseen circumstances.
check our previous post for backup tips or how you can synchronize data. In case your device has a custom recovery installed already like TWRP or CWM then you can unlock password lock, face unlock or pattern lock.
Guide To Bypass pin code lock, Password lock, Face detection or hack Pattern Lock on android Device:
  • Download Pattern-Password-Disable.zip file.
  • Copy zip file you have downloaded into one SD card.
  • Put the SD card inside the device SD port.
  • Reboot the device to a recovery mode.
  • Click on Install Zip from SD Card.
  • Go to the installed zip file then click it to flash.
  • Reboot your device.
  •  Yippee, it is done!
This guide is known to work for both the non- rooted and rooted devices. Though it works better on rooted device, A lot of non-rooted android users have report that this guide does not work on their device.
This information i provided is solely for instructional purpose only, i can't guarantee if it will work under any unique or specific circumstances.
Read this guide very well before you start performing the whole process.
If you encounter any problem with this information in the course of this process, state it in the comment box below so that we can help you out.


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