How To Fix Any Android Problem
Nowadays, we are used smartphones in such a way that if anything happens to them, it will have effect on our daily activities because it will hinder us from getting in touch with our customers, clients, friends and family. Some of the problem we encounter on our smartphone these days, we don't need to be an expert in technical work to fix them.

Android phones come with troubleshooting tools that you can use to solve some of your android problem, you will just need to perform a reset to the app you are having issues with or you 
can simply reset the phone entirely and this will wipe out the whole problem.
However, this is not applicable if you break the screen of your phone or maybe you drop a phone that is not waterproof inside a pool of water or you have a faulty hard ware.
The entire problem can only be tackled by the expert technician at the repair shop.
Below are some of the non-technical issues you can fix by yourself in case your phone comes up with any of it.
1. Clear Out The App Cache

Firstly, you need to detect if you are having issues with an app in particular or maybe the whole android phone (maybe it crashes or it has bugs). If the phone crashes, the most attention 
should be on the app. On your phone click on the square Overview button and swipe any app you want to remove from your phone memory to the left or right.
This will make sure the app restart from the beginning when next you load it. Any buggy files or code in the memory of the phone will be wiped off.

2. Uninstalling Apps
Just thesame way we clear data off your phone you can as well uninstall an app completely. Data inside an app can be wiped if it has become corrupt and is affecting the normal function of your device because it could cause the app to crash. In other to uninstall android app, go to the entry inside the app screen, you can also go to the app drawer then press and hold the app Icon then drag the icon to uninstall label at the upper part of the screen. A message will show on the screen indicating that the app has been uninstalled.

3. Connectivity Problems

A lot of people always have problem with cellular signal or Wi-Fi connection, so you have to verify if its the phone that’s faulty and not the network provider. You can easily do this by using another phone to confirm if the fault is from the network. You can use a friend's phone to check this.
For the apps, you can reboot the phone to get it back to its normal working state. If you are to perform a quick reboot of some connections on your device such as the cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth all you need do is to put the phone on the aeroplane mode for some few seconds and bring it back to normal mode again and turn it off and on then perform thesame process though this usually takes longer time.

4. Reboot Your Phone
Some people try to use the power button when their phone get crashed but it doesn't work, to fix this, you have to perform hard reboot on it which is thesame as removing the battery of the device and force it to restart. So, press and hold the power button together with the volume button at a time.
This will force the data, app connection and phone to wipe everything in the memory previously then begin with a fresh memory.
5. Check For Battery Hogs
Many android users experience fast battery drainage, they usually experience this as their phone is becoming old. You can change a phone battery if it is no longer lasting long and it is removable.
Uninstalling app has a way of helping in this kind of situation, just go to the settings, click on the battery and you will see the apps that are hogging the battery juice. There you can remove them, you can reduce the screen brightness, switch off the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi in case you are not using them and reduce the timeout duration.

6. Perform A Factory Reset

This option is used to wipe off everything on the phone and return the phone back to the way you bought it new, you can then start afresh and reinstall all the app again. This option can be found in the settings at the backup and reset option.
This can solve the most major problem of software on android. It is important for you to back up your data somewhere before performing this task because it would wipe off all the phone saved game, data, photo, all the movies you have downloaded, instant message conversation, your mails password etc.

7. Tackling Other Issues
After you have done a factory reset and the problem still persist, then it's either your phone have some physical damage which is affecting the normal functioning of the phone or you are using a non-recommended software because factory reset returns the phone back to how it is when you ought it brand new.
Though some problem always show as the phone is getting older, in other for you to make this phone work reasonably fine, you have to remove some personal files to somewhere else and reduce the number of your installed apps


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