A prepaid cell phone which is also known as pay as you talk, pay as you go, prepaid wireless or pay and go is a type of cell phone in which you buy credit in advance of the service, this credit you purchased can be used to pay for cell phone services when the service is needed, access to this service would not be completed if there is no credit on your phone by the cellphone network.

You can use different payment method to top up your credit. Alternative billing method is the postpaid mobile phone which is also known as the mobile phone contract, on this platform the user have a short term (usually like 30-day contract) or a long term (usually lasting for about 12 -24 months or more) agreement with a particular carriage service provider or mobile network operator.
 Their mode of payment:
  • This is done through the debit card or the credit card
  • Direct withdraw from the bank account using ATM
  • They can get it from the retail store  with a refill card or a top-up card at the retail. These cards have a unique code (usually covered by a silver coat) that you will enter into the phone so as to add the credit to your current balance.
  • You can also purchase it from the Retail store using a swipe card and it would be credited automatically to the phone immediately after the payment is accepted.
  • Online purchase, one can also top up a prepaid phone from another country, all you need to do is to request for the "international top-up".
  • Directly from an open-loop prepaid card showing a mobile refill service.
  • Via an electronic reloading where a designed SIM card is used to reload a mobile phone by typing in the mobile number and select the amount you want to load.
In some countries, credit purchased for a prepaid mobile phone usually have a time limit, customers that do not top up the credit before it expires will lose the remaining balance.
It is not compulsory for the prepaid mobile phone users to top up their balance, in other to increase the sales of some, they have devised a plan to encourage the users to top up their balance, for instance, some operators might offer a data for browsing or free SMS to use for a given period of time or give free call minutes when a user recharge a certain amount and this usually come with deadline.
Usually, if a prepaid subscriber leaves the network, it is hard for the operator to know unlike the postpaid phones, the subscribers can terminate their contract. Operators usually delete prepaid SIM when it is not in use for a long period of time so as to free up SIM for the new customers, this is usually done when the SIM is not in use for like 6 months.

Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans
There are several reasons to choose a prepaid phone plan, we have a lot of traditional plans of plan that comes with it such as
==>plans that allow you to pay a monthly subscription for unlimited text and talk with some gigabyte of data
==>plans that allow you to divide cost with your friend and family
==>plans that let you pay as you go

 Prepaid phone plans has begin to offer traditional plans usually offered by some carriers like AT&T, Sprint and Verizon except the  credit check, expensive data plan with the contract.
If you want a prepaid plan and you don’t know how to go about it, just keep reading. In this post, we have evaluated some wireless carrier prepaid plans such as Verizon, Tracfone, AT&T, Consumer cellular for you to find best prepaid plan. Before you choose a prepaid cell phone plan or other cell phone plan, just evaluate your phone and know how you use it, if you use it regularly to check email or Instagram then pay-as-you-go is not an option for you. You can only use cheap pay as you go phones when you hardly use your phone.

Best Prepaid Phone Plans
Cricket Wireless and Virgin Mobile are good for almost all smartphone users that uses an average data of 2 to 3 Gigabyte monthly. Virgin uses Sprint network nationwide and their customers could get up to 4G data  with message and unlimited minutes for about $40 per month which is about $5 lesser than the 3GB of sprint. If you enroll in Cricket autopay, you will save about $5 per month. Though it runs on the AT&T network but it's prepaid plan is cheaper than AT&T.


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