Back then when programming was only understood by the Gurus but now everyone now have the ability to learn the language easily. In this post i will be sharing with you some top websites that will guide you in learning computer programming easily.

 Just don’t be bothered by the code command and the complicated setup that will appear bogus to you in the beginning. On these websites you will learn programming languages such as CSS, COBOL, Python, HTML, Java, PHP, iOS etc.

Websites Where You Can Learn Computer Programming For Beginners
Code Avengers
Code Avengers only offers CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5 courses. These courses are design in such a way that it will entertain you as you are learning the programming skill. It is also design with a game to ease your tension after completing a lesson.
Code Avenger is designed in a way that it makes learning interactive and it only teaches the essential knowledge that the beginner will need and understand, it comes with playful instruction and code, making it easy to understand. You can work on the codes and checkout the changes you have made instantly. It is designed to make the learning comfortable for the beginner.

Learnstreet is for those who does not like the playful design, it concentrate more on cold hard codes. Learnstreet only offers python, Ruby and Javascript courses for the beginner which begins with code interpreter, glossary panel and exercise immediately after launching the Website. Learnstreet also have code interpreter to human language that explain the function of codes.
Learnstreet is really enjoyable, free and friendly with code interpreter that is similar to standard command, most time it requires you to enter the same code and content it requires.

Code academy is one of the best on our list because it is the famous website where you can learn code in an interactive way. It has a well-structured courses and a helpful interface. You will start seeing the programming right from the main page with on-screen console that is motivating. Some of the courses that Codeacademy offers are Web fundamentals, Java script, PHP, jQuery, Ruby, Python, APIs etc. So you can select the course of your choice and start learning.

Code School
After successful completion of courses in Code Avenger or Code academy and  you want to study further in other to widen your knowledge, The next Website that i will recommend for you is Code school. The courses on Code school are in-depth, it is not interactive unlike the previous ones, this website will make you become an expert in the world of programming. This website has basically 4major categories, these are Javascript, iOS, Ruby and HTML or CSS.

This website has a project-oriented courses more than language oriented courses which is good for a starter that has the plan of building an application and a website most especially if you want to build responsive website, world press theme or an interactive website. It has a practical and easy way of mastering languages that are related. However, these  courses are made up of foundation courses in form of video and quiz approach which makes it easier to understand.

Websites on this platform that i have mentioned earlier are basically for computer science and website development but CodeHSos made for game programming lesson and it is quite simple to  learn. The courses that you will learn on this platform include Animation, Problem solving, data structures, puzzle challenges, Java script, Game design etc. This website allows you to think deep and the lessons you will learn here are for fun, here you will learn how to move a animals with codes to complete a particular task or using of bricks to build a tower. It gives good concept of programming, how you can systematically solve problem in your mind.

SQL (Structured Query Language) is designed to retrieve and store data from database, SQL is a straight forward language, there is nothing to explain in-depth there, it will only request for the replacement of variable such as population number, names of city and increase difficulty from the level. the only disadvantages is the little or no hints, forum and answers, so if you are unable to answer any of the quizzes, it will be so unfortunate.


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