Etisalat Blackberry Data Plan/Package Subscription  Code 2016
For BlackBerry smartphone, Etisalat mobile data plans ( Etisalat bundle plan) is categorized into two different plans. we have the Complete data plans and the Absolute data plans and the third one is specifically for  BB10 smartphones which will also be discussed in this post.
Etisalat Absolute Plans For BlackBerry
Absolute plans are more expensive than the complete plans,though they give the same data capacity, it is actually due to the extra to the extra capabilities that the absolute data plans have over the complete data plans. On Absolute internet bundle for etisalat, you can use more than one Email address, i.e you can like 10  external Email addresses on the web such as Gmail, yahoo etc.These are some of the features of the Absolute plan
1==> There is choice of more email attachment types like PowerPoint, BMP, Excel, Word Docx e.t.c.
2==> Can be used for Blackberry Messenger and also for  Blackberry App World
3==> It allows internet web browsing, Social Networking such as Twitter, Facebook
4==> You can also access 10 Email Addresses on the web  with etisalat branded emails

Absolute Plan     Data Capacity     Price        Activation code for Voice     Data Plan Activation code
Daily                        50MB          100                  *499*5#                            *399*5#                   
Weekly                    500MB          550                *499*6#                             *399*6#                     
Monthly                   3GB              1,500              *499*1#                             *399*1#                         

Etisalat Complete Plans For BlackBerry
Etisalat bbm plan (Complete) is for those that needs a complete etisalat subscription code, recently Etisalat price for complete plan was reduced to N1000 from N1,500and the absolute plan to N1500.This price is still ok for a complete plan, if you want to receive more than one email address from the external,then subscribe to Absolute plan. These are the features of the complete plan of Etisalat data plan for blackberry :
You will have access to these
Blackberry messanger and blackberry App World
Social network such as Facebook, Twitter etc
Internet Web Browsing
A web Email address with etisalat branded emails
For Etisalat BBC package, you are to choose whether a MONTHLY plan, a WEEKLY plan or a DAILY plan. Checkout the etisalat blackberry subscription code  for each plan below:

Complete   SMS Activation   USSD Activation            Data Bundle  Allowance  Price
Daily         Send COD to 399      *499*3*2#              50MB                           100
Weekly     Send COW to 399     *499*3*1#              500MB                         500
Monthly    Send COM to 399      *499*3#                 3GB                              1,000

For BBC Monthly plan: You can dial *499*3# OR Text COM to 399        Price: N1000
For BBC Weekly plan:You can dial *499*3*1# OR  Text COW to 399   Price: N500
For BBC Daily plan: You can dial *499*3*2# OR Text COD to 399        Price: N100

Etisalat Data Bundles For (BB10) BlackBerry 10

Monthly data Plans on BlackBerry 10
BB10                  Attached Data Bundles        Voice USSD      Non-Voice BB10 Lite Plan      Price              BB10 Mid Plan       260MB                              *599*2#         SMS MLite to 399                1,000
BB10 Mid Plan        500MB                             *599*3#         SMS MMid to 399                1,500
BB10 Max Plan       1536MB                           *599*4#         SMS MMax to 399                3,000

Weekly Plans on (BB10)
 BB10               Attached Data Bundles     Voice  USSD      Non-Voice Opt in SMS       Price 
BB10  Mid Plan          70MB                      *599*2*1#     SMS WLite to 399               350  
BB10  Mid Plan          125MB                    *599*3*1#     SMS WMid to 399               550
BB10  Max Plan          360MB                   *599*8#         SMS WMax to 399               1,100

Daily Plans on BlackBerry 10
BB10           Attached Data Bundles     Voice USSD      Non-Voice Opt in SMS     Price
BB10 Lite Plan      10MB                    *599*2*2#       SMS DLite to 39                  70  
BB10 Mid Plan      15MB                   *599*3*2#       SMS DMid to 399                100
BB10 Max Plan     50MB                   *599*7#           SMS DMax to 399               200       


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