Etisalat Mobile Internet Settings / Configuration For iPhone, PC, Nokia, Modem, Android Devices.
When it comes to internet browsing in Nigeria, Etisalat is one of the most reliable networks. They have some high quality equipment which makes browsing on their network easy, fast and reliable. So, i have written this post to guide you on the way to configure your mobile phones (iOS, Android, Windows Phones, Symbian and also non smartphones for Etisalat Network browsing.

This can be done in two ways i.e. Automatic and Manual settings
Automatic Settings
To enable these Internet configuration settings on your mobile phone, go to the SMS menu on your Phone, type in "settings" and send it to 790. The settings will be sent to your phone in form of text, once you get these settings in form of SMS notification, then open the message, save it and select Activate all then you are good to go.

Manual Settings
how to request for etisalat internet settings?
On the other hand, if the method above didn't work for you, then you can configure the phone yourself by following the methods below:
 Profile/ Access Point Name==> Etisalat
APN/ Access Point==> Etisalat
Username ==> (Leave this one blank)
Password==> (Leave this one blank)
IP/Proxy ==>
Port ==> 8080.
As i have indicated in the setting above, Do not fill in anything in the password and the username options.
Also do the same to the port and IP, no need of filling these options because if you fill in this, it makes little or no difference.
How To Configure The Etisalat Internet Settings on The Android Phone
Manual Etisalat Internet Settings / configuration For Android Phones
To configure this settings on your android mobile device, Go to the Settings==> Wireless and Networks ==> Mobile Networks ==> UMTS/GSM Options==> Access point Names
When you get there, click on the options then select the Add New APN option,  fill in these parameters as listed below.
Name ==>Etisalat
APN ==>Etisalat
Proxy ==>
Username ==> wap
Password ==>wap
Authentication Type ==> CHAP or PAP 

MMS Settings
The two methods above is enough for you if you want to browse. however, some guys still use MMs to receive and send files and if you are among these guys, use the settings below for the Multimedia Messaging Service configuration on your smart phone.
Access Point Name==> Etisalat
Access Point/APN==> Etisalat
Username==> (Leave this one blank)
Password==> (Leave this one blank)
Port==> 8080
Gateway URL/Home/IP Server ==>
If you are still facing issues on how to connect to the Internet on your phone, PC, tablet just let us know through the comment box below.

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