How To Borrow Airtime (Credit) From Glo Mobile Network
Glo Nigeria has also launched a service called “Glo Borrow Me Credit” which allow their subscribers to get air time on credit and pay for it later, this service is available for all Glo subscribers provided if you have an active Glo SIM. This Glo borrow me credit code that render service on how to borrow credit (airtime) on Glo Network Nigeria is not new as Glo customers have been using it to get credit anytime they are stranded.

You can imagine that you want to make an important call and you realize that you are out of credit  on your Glo network and you can't get airtime around you or maybe in the midnight ,you need to make an urgent call and you can't risk going outside at that late hour to get credit.
You can easily recharge your line with any amount of credit provided you meet the requirement to access this service.
  •  Subscriber must have been using the Glo line for at about 4 months
  •  The subscriber must not have an outstanding unpaid Borrowed Airtime

To start enjoying this service, you need to enroll, first by dialing *321#. You will receive a prompt to create a PIN and confirm it. When PIN is successfully created, you can dial any of the codes below to borrow credit that suits your need:You will need to enroll first before you can start enjoying this service by dialing *321#.A message will be sent to you that you should create a pin, after it is successfully created dial the code below to get airtime of your choice.

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Borrow glo credit : These are how & code to borrow airtime, credit, money from, on Glo
Dial *321*PIN*50# to get N50 Airtime,
Dial *321*PIN*100# to get N100 Airtime,
Dial *321*PIN*200# to get N200 Airtime,
Dial *321*PIN*500# to get N500 Airtime
Dial *321*PIN*1000# to get N1000 Airtime

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The borrowed amount is due for payment 72hrs after borrowing so you have enough time to payback. After that grace period, you will not be able to access the service again. 10% of the borrowed amount will also be charged.
You will have to pay back the borrowed credit within 3 days, this is enough time for you to pay for this service. Also, a service charge of 10% will be deducted from your airtime for using this service.
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