Codes And How To Borrow Credit / Airtime From,On Airtel
Airtel NG avails their subscribers the opportunity to borrow credit/ airtime from them and pay back later just the same way other network service providers does. As we all know that sometimes we can be stranded or emergency situation can occur and the subscriber might not have the opportunity to go to the recharge card seller near them to recharge their line.
Just the same way Glo has Borrow Me Credit and  MTN Xtratime, Airtel too has Extra Credit.

The requirements for borrowing Airtime on Airtel Nigeria
To qualify to borrow airtime from airtel, these conditions below must be met.
  1. You must be on the prepaid plan, Post Paid Customers are not beneficiary of this Airtel Extra Credit
  2. You must have been an active user of Airtel Network for minimum of 3 months.
  3. The line must not have any outstanding debt.
  4. This credit must be paid back within 72 hours that you borrowed the credit.
  5. To qualify for this service,Your must have been recharged with at least 250 Naira per month.
There is a service charge of 10% of the amount of Airtel Extra Credit you borrow, after deducting this service charge, the subscriber is now left with 90%.

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When all these above conditions are met, You can now dial *500*Amount#. For instance, if you are to borrow N200, you will dial *500*200#.
You will get the borrowed airtime in 10% less, i.e. if you request for 200 Naira airtime, you will get N180, the service charge which is N20 will automatically be deducted. That is what Airtel enjoy for lending the airtime to you.

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