I have come across people asking questions on different forum on glo data share or how to share glo data, so i decided to write this post so as to enlighten people on how to share data on glo network.
 There is a glo data share code made available by the glo network for their subscribers to allow them to share glo data bundle.

 Glo Nigeria allows you as their subscriber to share your data with other devices with a glo SIM, you can as well do it on other devices not necessarily the glo powered devices alone and you can even share your MB or data with the device of other people in as much as they are they are on the glo user and you have an active data on your sim, you can check glo data balance out by dialling the glo data balance code (hsi glo com).
How To Share MB On Glo
Your data plan after you have subscribed to your phone (confirmed your glo data balance) can be shared with your family and friends by the method below.
There are two methods on how to share MB on Glo:

The First Method
Dial *127*01*The number#  If you want to add the person to your Share list
For example, type: *127*01*0805123XXXX

The Second Method
 This method can be done using SMS (via SMS) just type in a text message in this format
 ==>Share friend's number to 127 (Ensure to put space in between)
For example type in: "Share 0805123XX" as message and send it to 127

I hope you found this post helpful, you can share it with your friend and if you need any assistance on this, type in the query into the comment box and we shall assist you.


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