MTN data share is an exciting service brought by MTN Nigeria Network to allow MTN data subscribers to share their data bundles with their friends and loved ones. This service is an incredible one because you will not need to start buying different data for your allows your Laptop, iPad, Phone and it also allows you to share your data bundle plan with about 5 people once you have an active data on your SIM.
How Can Your Share Your Data in MTN?
Follow the steps below to learn how to share your MTN Data
1==> You have to text REG to 131 or Dial *131*2*1# to register for MTN Data Share, a unique security PIN will be sent to you.
2==> You will need to change the PIN that was sent to you to a new PIN that you can remember easily. To change this PIN dial *131*2*5# or you can change it via text message by texting Change OLD PIN (space)NEW PIN(space)NEW PIN to 131. In this format  “Change 0000 9876 9876” to 131.  0000 is old PIN (default pin) and 9876 is your new PIN.
3==> After you have successfully changed this PIN, you will need to add the number of those you want to share your data plan with to your MTN shared Data Bundle account through the USSD menu *131*2*2# or through a text message by sending Add <MSISDN> <PIN> to 131.
The maximum number of beneficiaries you can add is 5.
4==> After you have successfully added these people, you will be able to share your active data bundle with these people by sending the keyword Share <PIN> to 131 or by dialing USSD code *131*2*3#.

 How To Check Your MTN Shared Data Balance
It is only the sponsors that have access to check the data balance and to do this Simply dial *559# or you can send 2 to 131. Beneficiary will need to call the customer care in other to get their data balance.

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  1. Its amazing mtn has started sharing data, I tried it and it really work out..thank you for this post

  2. thank you for this reminder + tutorial.. Found it really helpful.. now I can share my Mtn data with friends