MTN Shares: How To Transfer Credit / Airtime On MTN
Some few years back MTN introduced airtime transfer amongst their customers which allows one customer to transfer all or part of his / her airtime balance from his/her prepaid account into the prepaid account of another customer. This service is convenient in the sense that there is no need for the receiving party to bother his or herself to start looking for recharge card to load if he is not in a place where he can get it around.

 This service is also flexible because there is no restricted amount of money that you can transfer i.e. you can transfer any amount of airtime on this mtn me2u .
Also, this service is secure i.e the transaction is password or pin protected.

MTN Share and Sell: How to Activate Or Set Up MTN Share and Sell
This is the credit me2u  transfer service for MTN subscribers, this service allows you to transfer credit to MTN customer's prepaid account through the use of USSD or SMS.
MTN Nigeria Share and Sell of all the MTN SIM has a default password of 0000. So, before you can start using this service, you have to change the default password to the password of your choice to avoid it being used by another person.
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Changing Your MTN Share and Sell Password Code
To change MTN Share and Sell Password, you will need to send SMS in a format like this "Default PIN [space] New PIN [space] New PIN" (you will remove the quotes) to 777.
For instance, if you want your new PIN to be 9876, you will now compose the text this way 0000 9876 9876 and text it to 777.
Also, you can do it in this format Dial *601*default PIN*New PIN*New PIN# and press send. For example, if you want your new pin to be 9876, type *601*0000*9876*9876# and send. you will then receive a message that your pin is successfully changed after few minutes.

Command code for transferring Credit on MTN Network: 
Procedure on how to transfer or send airtime from mtn to mtn
Type a Message in this format:
Transfer [Leave a space] MTN Number [Leave a space] Amount [Leave a space] Password.
For instance, if you are to transfer 150 Naira to another MTN user with number 08033221100 and your new password is 9876, you will now type in Transfer 08033221100 150 9876 and send it to 777.
 A message will be sent to you that you should confirm the transfer, then send YES to 777 to confirm the transaction on mtn me to you.
You can use USSD for the transaction like this:
Dial *600*The Recipient’s Number*The Amount*Your PIN#,
In this Format  *600*08033221100*150*9876#. you will then receive a message after sending it that your transaction was successful.
The minimum amount of money you can transfer is N50
The maximum is N6,000 per transaction
 Daily you can transfer N50,000 cumulatively.


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