Unsubscribe Code To Stop / Cancel Glo Data Plan

Glo data auto-renewal is a feature of Glo service that allows your data to resubscribe automatically without an up-front notification provided there is an enough credit on your phone to complete the transaction.

 This service is good in the sense that it will prevent customer from going through the stress of dialing the subscription code because some people might have forgotten this code and needs to re activate it urgently. This feature have it  disadvantage in the sense that when you want to recharge for a purpose (maybe for call or text or you want to transfer credit to someone) it will automatically remove the credit without notifying you, then you will not be able to use it for such purpose again.
So if you have already activated this service and you want to opt out, just follow this step and you will be out.
How To Cancel / Stop Auto-renewal of Glo Data Plan

To cancel this service Text "CANCEL"  to 127 (Make sure you remove the quotes).
Make sure that you cancel this service before the present glo data plan on your phone expires


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