How To Change My Number To UK Number - Convert My Mobile Number To International
I found out in my recent research how you can get a foreign number, there is a particular website where you can get a UK telephone numbers for free, this website is programmed or designed in such a way that all the local numbers / calls are diverted to a UK  or any international phone numbers.
and the good thing about this service is that it is for free i.e you won't be charged a dime.
So, you can give out the UK / US number in any part of the world, all the call to your UK line will be diverted to your local line even if you don't give out your real number.
The Features of this website that am talking about includes:
  •    No Fees needed
  •    Free foreign Number offers
  •    No Payments is required
  •    No Contracts
  •    New numbers are added to the site everyday
  •    It Re-Route your local number in just few seconds
  •    Free National and International Diversion
  •   Your number can be ready in less than 60 seconds
  •   Ability to change your Caller Identification
  •   The Control panel of this website is easy to navigate. 
After you have registered on this website, log in to the account you have created, you can choose any number from the list of numbers given. After choosing this number, you will be requested  the location where you want the number to be diverted to. This website allows the use of all mobile phone and land lines. Once you have successfully completed the setup, this will be uploaded on their network and from there you can start using the number. If you make any mistake in the setup, you can make the necessary changes by selecting "My Numbers" then make the changes. Any changes you make takes effect immediately and there is no limit to the changes you can make
I hope this information helps?
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