Tecno phones are one of the first mobile phone companies to produce dual SIM mobile phone in the whole of Africa, their products are popular in Nigeria because they are relatively cheap and are readily available. Some of their products are built on the Android platform and they are affordable. If you have a low budget and you want to enjoy the latest mobile phone technology so as to feel among, with low budget you can get yourself a latest android phone that has the same functions with other popular mobile phones like samsung, Nokia etc.
Tecno products are well built on a well trusted and tested Android platform and that is why their products are on high demand here in Nigeria and the whole of Africa.
Nigeria being the top market for tecno products in Africa, a lot of scammers by selling some fake tecno phones on android platform and some other accessories. The management of tecno mobile is aware of this and they have device a means to fight this, They have created a webpage to check for the genuinty of their products i.e battery, phones. All you are required are the VC, imei number and Serial number of your Tecno phone and you will know if your battery or phone is genuine or not.

To check if your phone is an Original Tecno Phone
1==> Go to http://gc.tecno-mobile.com
2==> Enter your  VC code, IMEI code in the relevant field provided and submit.
3==> A text message will be sent to you informing you if your phone is GENUINE or NOT.

I know a lot of people don't know where the IMEI and VC of their Tecno Phone are
the imei numbers is boldly written on the box of your Tecno phone.
After you have opened it, you will see the imei number and VC when your battery is removed from the phone. Also, by dialing *#06# on your Tecno your imei number will appear. since its a dual SIM Tecno a two serial number will appear.
To check if you are buying an Original Tecno Phone Battery
1==> Go to http://gc.tecno-mobile.com
2==>Put in the SN code in the relevant field provided and submit.
3==>A message will be sent to you informing you if the battery is GENUINE or NOT.

 To check the Serial Number of Your Tecno's Battery
Remove your Tecno Phone's battery and check it, you will see the S/N: boldly written on it.
this post will be helpful because it will guide you on how you will not buy a tecno phone and it accessories
flooded with the fake ones. If you have questions concerning this post, write it in the comment box below and i would help you out.

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